Dragoon-N422 EDM

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Dragoon-N422, a HDT family cooler for RAM module, is designed for the demand of high efficiency cooler to satisfy cooling high temperature RAM module, high clock speeds and raised voltage. Dragoon-N422 inherits the outstanding performance of HDT family coolers and creates most efficient heat conduction and cooling performance.


The revolutionary thermodynamic design lowers the temperature as well as extends your overclocking potential. With 2pcs heat-pipes, particular fins, supporting Dual channel and easy installation, Dragoon-N422 is user friendly and increases overclocking potential. Time to change your cooling system of RAM module, do not wait and just pick it up!


  • H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology
  • Vast compatibility across multiple types of memories
  • Outstanding cooling efficiency
  • Designed for professional gamer
  • Supports Dual Channel Memory setup
  • Increases overclocking potential
  • Optimized for natural convection
  • Adhesive thermal tape attached.
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation