Compro Technology, Full Range of Intelligent Talking IP Camera at SecuTech Expo 2009

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, 21 April 2009 – Compro Technology, a leading manufacture of PC-TV and digital audio/video products, extends its product line to the network video security area at the international professional exhibition of SecuTech Expo 2009 Taipei on April 22-24.


Compro IP Security products line offers full range of the intelligent network cameras with a feature rich professional grade Network Video Recorder (NVR) software. These camera solutions provide maximum customer value through effective monitoring solutions, reduced costs and increase flexibility and performance. By combining these factors, Compro offers an encompassing solution which enable customers to manage the security system anytime, anywhere, and anyplace either via PCs, compatible 3GPP cell phones, or compatible WM5/WM6 smart phones. (Note: Compatibility with phones is not always guaranteed; please refer to the compatible list on the Compro website.)

Targeted at the home and small business segments, Compro offers an array of camera – class-leading cost/performance indoor fixed cube cameras (VideoMate IP 50, and IP 70), and unsurpassed high performance PTZ camera lines (VideoMate IP 530 and IP 550).

The IP 50 and IP 70 series provide the cost-effective & easy-to-install way for the indoor fixed camera solution. Combined with the real-time MPEG-4/MJPEG (IP50) and H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG (IP70) video compression formats, higher video performance is achieved with much smaller recording file size, which means much lower costs for data storage. Wireless is also in the lineup. All models of IP 50/IP 70 series come equipped with built-in Smart Motion Detection, two-way audio with built-in MIC and speaker, and digital I/O for external sensor and alarm (2 In/1 Out).

The IP 530 and IP 550 series enable users to view Pan of 340 degrees, Tilt of 100 degrees, and both Optical (IP550) and Digital Zoom (IP530) control for remote security monitoring through LAN or Internet. Equipped with a high performance megapixel (IP530) or high dynamic range sensor (IP550) respectively, both including day and night functionality with mechanical IR cut filter switching and the real-time MPEG-4/Motion JPEG compression format, the IP530/550 presents the best quality security monitoring and recording. Wireless function is also in the lineup. Utilizing Smart Motion Detection, with built-in 2-way audio for fast and easy communications, ensure instant responses when security is compromised. Along with IR support, insufficient light is no longer an issue to capture the most crucial images in the dark alleys. Additional I/O for alarm equipments (3 In/3 Out) is also supported.

S/W is the key of success of the security products. In addition to the IE based Active X video management S/W, all Compro cameras will be bundled with a professional grade 16 channel feature rich Network Video Recorder software (ComproView) for an automated proactive management and reaction. Numerous of built-in intelligent detection features such as handling individual channel customizations and event triggered alarm functions. It also supports multiple remote monitoring modes with potent functionalities and an effortless user interface via internet browsers.

On the Mobile end, VideoMate IP cameras offer support of two type of the Mobile phones (3GPP phone or a WM5/WM6 smart phone) to provide real-time viewing (3GPP) and/or security management application from WM5/WM6 Mobile devices. (Note: Please refer to the compatible phone list on our website.)

To the small business owners or home users, Compro IP array provides an ease to use, effective high performance professional grade level security solution to meet the most diverse and demanding needs anytime, anywhere around the globe.