AirLive Traveler 3G II great opportunity to share mobile internet

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Taipei, Taiwan – AirLive, one of the most advanced and worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, introduced AirLive Traveler 3G II Portable Wireless Router. It is available on the market since July 2010.


AirLive Traveler 3G II is a Portable Wireless Router that makes much easier to share 3G or xDSL internet among more devices (PC, notebook, etc.). The unique design offers high portability because it is slim size and light weight. It contains rechargeable Li-On battery that provides user possibility to surf internet up to 2 hours anywhere as long as 3G is available.

All the router requires is an USB modem from your 3G mobile internet provider and you can share it over 11B/G/N Wi-Fi or also through Ethernet cable. AirLive has also invented the router function to work as a standard home router that is compatible with broadband access, so when the data stream drops from the wired connection, the 3G will work as backup.

AirLive Traveler 3G contains driver of many known 3G modems (Vodafone, Alcatel, T-Mobile, Quanta, Maxon, ZTE and many others) so there is no need driver installation.

High security is assured thank to WPS (Wifi protected Setup) button or WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption and uses a built in firewall to protect connections to the router.

User friendly user interface ensures easy configuration and management of the device, besides remote management function allows configuration and upgrades from a remote computer (over the Internet).

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