POINT of VIEW and TGT are announcing “The Fastest NVIDIA Fermi Around”

POV/TGT GeForce GTX 580 “BEAST” with 9mm slim-line Copper Water Cooling

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Eindhoven / Miami / Rio de Janeiro/ Taipei / Tokyo/ Madrid / Munich – December 03, 2010 – Point of View the leading European manufacturer of an exclusive range NVIDIA based 3D processor boards, advanced netbooks as well as fancy 7” and 10” Tegra tablet computers and additional enthusiast PC products, announces today that it is first to market with a water cooled GeForce GTX 580 3D processor board, the POV/TGT GeForce GTX 580 “Beast” featuring a solid 9mm slim-line Copper Water Cooling block. The POV/TGT GeForce GTX 580 “Beast” already started shipping at a recommended retail price of € 729.


Hand-selected by TGT, the POV/TGT GeForce GTX 580 “Beast” is running at an unprecedented 855 MHz core clock “out of the box”, 1710 MHz shader clock and 4104 MHz DDR-5 memory clock honoring TGT’s efforts to optimize and balance both, enhanced core clock settings and rock solid stability.

The POV/TGT GeForce GTX 580 “Beast” is the world’s first GeForce GTX 580 based 3D processor card running stable beyond 850 MHz. But this is not all. Depending on the local thermal cooling environment and ventilation, the “TGT 580 BEAST” may run stable at even higher core clock rates. Frankly speaking, as TGT seriously cares about the 3D gaming enthusiasts TGT is not only raising the core clock rate, but also significantly raising the over clocking headroom in general.