MiTAC Announces a New Standard in All-In-One PC’s – Maestro 650

Based on Intel’s Thin Mini-ITX Board at CeBIT

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

February 23, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan – Leading ICT manufacturing company – MiTAC International Corp. announces a new standard of all-in-one (AIO) touch PC’s. The Maestro 650, based on Intel’s thin mini-ITX board form factor allows channels, system integrators and DIY enthusiasts to leverage its friendly design for interchangeable and interoperable components.


“MiTAC has been in the desktop business for many years. Since one of our business goals is to focus on new opportunities in the client computing business, with an Intel thin mini-ITX board form factor the Maestro 650 will be the newest and best solution for the industry; especially since we put a lot of MiTAC’s innovation into it. We aim to provide an AIO that is not only affordable but provides customers with the best performance so they can enjoy this new solution.” said by Billy Ho, President of MiTAC International Corp..

“We are thrilled to see that MiTAC is utilizing the Intel thin mini-ITX board standard as the basis for their Maestro series of All-In-One PCs,” said Zane Ball, GM of Intel Desktop Platforms. “By utilizing standard system components, MiTAC is making the AIO desktop more accessible to channel system integrators worldwide. We look forward to continued innovation in this exciting and important new category of AIO PCs.”

Intel’s thin mini-ITX board and one-screw-design is designed to be friendly for channels and system integrators
In the past, if channels or system integrators required an AIO to have specific functionality they needed to find an existing solution that partially met their requirements, and then they made some adjustments to meet their needs. With the launch of the Maestro 650, the situation is greatly improved! By using the new Intel thin mini-ITX the Maestro 650 is designed for easy-customization, cost-saving and high performance. The modulated one-screw design enables the quick changing of components so that users can quickly and easily adapt the Maestro to their requirements, saving both time and money.

Environmentally friendly, enhanced multimedia, great performance and touch-screen in the Slim Maestro 650 AIO
Besides the standardized AIO form factor, MiTAC continues to innovate by bringing more value to the AIO. With a 21.5 inch LED backlight panel, the Maestro 650 has a specially designed multi-function “ECO button” on the front of the AIO, which allows users to decrease the brightness of the display, adjust the operating frequency of the CPU, and also take it into suspend mode. Plus, with their integrated motion sensor, the PC’s can adjust their operation according whether a user is in front of the computer or not.

Equipped with a proximity sensor, HD webcams, HDMI input and surround sound speakers the Maestro 650 is the best range of computers for all round PC entertainment.