No more clicking noise! Get rid of the useless sound of a clicking mouse.

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

The Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B is an advanced 2.4G wireless optical mouse without the annoying clicking-noise and it connects to your PC, MAC or laptop with a super small nano receiver.


Patented Silent Switch technology
The switches Nexus uses for the Silent Mouse are patented and lack the „click“ sound when you press them. “You will be amazed how much more relaxing it is when you get rid of this useless sound.” says Michael van der Jagt of Nexus Technology. “We have many tv and radio studio customers that have been pushing us for this product and we notice that it is appreciated by home and office users also.” Van der Jagt refers to the fact that PC’s in the past were not very fast and you needed the confirmation that you have clicked on an icon, because it could take a few seconds before you would see the result. Nowadays PC’s show a graphical reaction of your click immediately and today’s tablet solutions do not provide a confirmation by sound at all. The clicking sound lost its function, so why not get rid of it?

Comfortable shape and material
The Nexus Silent Mouse has a comfortable size and is an excellent mouse for desktop use. But also for laptop users it is very suitable. Especially because of the small nano receiver which you plug in a USB port and leave it there. It is so small that you do not need to take it out. You just forget it’s there. Furthermore the mouse has a quality surface treatment so it feels good in your hand.

DPI selection button
On top of the mouse is a convenient 1000/1600 DPI selection switch to alter the mouse speed. Fast when you need speed and slow when you need accuracy.

With this video Nexus tries to give you an idea about the sound difference compared to a regular mouse. The test is not done in a anechoic chamber so the dB(A) values are just for comparison reference.