Something QUIET is coming!

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

ZAWARD unboxes GOLF FAN G3 on October 2011 and is stating that “Something QUIET is coming!”


The package of GOLF FAN G3 is consist of 1 new silent GOLF FAN, 4 pieces of soft rubber mounts pins and M5 steel screws and Molex 3to 4-pin adapter. The ZAWARD 140mm GOLF FAN G3 is the ultimate solution to bring some extra airflow in your quiet computer. It provides the supreme airflow (64.37cfm) at 800rpm your PC may require without being noticeable noise wise (11.0dBA).

Various designs in case fan sizes and colors from 80x25mm, 120x25mm, and 140x25mm are compatible with CPU coolers, PC case, and PSU. Fan speed of GOLF FAN G3 ranges from 600rpm to 2,000rpm with 4 white LED light or not. The latest version of the GOLF FAN G3 case fan comes in black, red and blue.