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Efficiency is the new Green

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012 – In 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 as International Mother Earth Day. Many of us celebrated it by sharing responsibilities to rebuild our troubled relationship with natural environment. In the modern age our existence is propelled by various electronic devices and power supplies. Before decorating your desk with flowers or potted plants, perhaps you should check on your power supply unit or adapter and consider how they could reduce energy consumption and save money for you. There are various certificates for the latest energy-efficient technology products which you can consult, or simply you just memorize two important names as Quality and Efficiency Assurance: FSP and Fortron/Source (Europa) GmbH.


FSP Group
Founded in 1993, FSP is a popular aftermarket brand focusing on the power supplies related products, such as Power Supply Units, Adapters, Power Bank and Uninterruptible Power Supply devices. Besides the retail business, FSP has rapidly solidified its reputation by cooperating with major international companies such as Philips, Samsung, Motorola, Thomson, NEC, Sharp, HITACHI, Acer, Asus and Lenovo. Based on its professional R&D expertise, enormous production capacity and high quality assurance, FSP group’s power supply unit has obtained the world’s first 80 PLUS® Platinum certificate and until April 2012 they have over 286 products certified as 80 PLUS® alone under FSP Technology Inc. – more than any other manufacturer in the world and it makes FSP one of the most influential leading manufacturers of power supplies. FSP’s products stand out over its competitors not merely for outstanding design and premium quality, but also for retaining a strong commitment to the environment. Take the 3 TAIWAN EXCELLENCE AWARDs which FSP newly received in 2012 as example:

AURUM Cable Management Series comes with full industrial grade Japanese capacitors. The unique integrated MIA IC (Multiple-Intelligence Ability) Technology ensures superior efficiency which meets the 80 PLUS® GOLD standards with 90% efficiency. Moreover, Low Profile Flat Cabling Design and the new Arrow-shaped ventilation optimize airflow like no other.

AURUM Xilenser Series
This series comes with a cutting-edge passive (fanless) thermal solution. It’s ideal for your HTPC, lab, and studio environment. All you can hear is the overwhelming praise for its superior efficiency and zero noise performance.

NB Q Series is a new and innovative product line from FSP, featuring an ultra-slim and compact designed EZ cable management which allows you to pack up and go in a flash. NBQ 90 PLUS also offers a Sleep-and-Charge USB Port for smart phones and other USB devices.