Corsair Neutron SSDs Now Available

Corsair 4th Generation SSDs with Link_A_Media Controller Win Rave Reviews from Top Media

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FREMONT, California — September 6, 2012 – Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC hardware market, today announced that the Neutron Series™ GTX and Neutron Series solid-state drives (SSDs) are now widely available for purchase. Announced last June at Computex, Corsair’s 4th generation SSDs have already won numerous awards, including the Tom’s Hardware „Best of Computex 2012“ award.


Neutron Series SSDs have continued to garner rave reviews from top experts in the PC and storage technology media. Prestigious awards include the HardOCP Editor’s Choice, Storage Review Editor’s Choice, HEXUS Performance, Tweaktown Editor’s Choice, Hardwareluxx Excellent Hardware, and The SDD Review Editor’s Choice awards.

„Top industry journalists have already given our Neutron SSDs rave reviews for delivery outstanding all-around performance,“ said Thi La, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the PC Components Group at Corsair. „Now that the Neutrons are available, all PC users will be able experience the incredible real-world performance benefits of Corsair’s 4th gen SSD technology for themselves.“

What the experts are saying:

„The LM87800 controller proved to be very potent in my testing, ending up near or at the very top of most of our benchmarks.“

„Good solid latency is simply the cornerstone of any successful SSD, and the Neutron provides it in spades … The Neutron simply dominated in our latency testing, giving us the lowest recorded latency that we have encountered in the max read AND max write latency.“

„Owing to the good performance of the Corsair Neutron GTX and the fact that even a few previously established records were broken, the GTX version of the Neutron series is hereby conferred our Excellent Hardware Award.“

„The Neutron Series is a solid all-rounder, and the GTX variant provides the performance injection we’ve come to expect from Toggle Mode NAND.“

The SSD Review:
„The GTX result of 474MB/s, when testing in AS SSD, is untouchable and the total point score over 1000 for both in that program is rarely seen.“
„The Corsair Neutron GTX SSDs offer very good performance under typical consumer loads; but they offer even more once the drives are heavily stressed in enterprise-level workloads. The Neutron GTX held a clear advantage in nearly all areas, especially those with 100% write conditions.“

„The Neutron GTX is very fast right out of the box, we are impressed!“

About the Neutron and Neutron GTX
The Neutron and Neutron GTX SSDs are powered by the LM87800 SSD controller from Link_A_Media Devices (LAMD), a leader in the development of semiconductor SoC (system on chip) solutions for the enterprise and mobile storage market. Available in an extreme performance Neutron GTX model, the new SSDs bring professional-grade performance and reliability to PC enthusiasts, content creators, and IT professionals.

Neutron GTX SSDs deliver up to a super-high 90,000 random read and write IOPs (input/output operations per second) and superior sequential speeds of up to 555 MB/s read and 500 MB/s write. The standard Neutron Series models provide up to 90,000 random read IOPs and 85,000 random write IOPs with sequential speeds of up to 555 MB/s read and 370 MB/s write.†

The Neutron and Neutron GTX drives feature powerful on-the-fly error correction and advanced NAND management technologies to improve the endurance of their flash memory, giving them enhanced reliability and durability. The Neutron Series GTX models also include adaptive DSP technology which maintains superior performance throughout the lifetime of the SSD.

Pricing and Availability
Neutron Series and Neutron Series GTX SSDs are now available worldwide in 120GB and 240GB capacities. The Neutron Series GTX 480GB are expected to be available in September.

Manufacturer suggested retail pricing in the United States is as follows:

  • Neutron Series 120GB $119.99 USD
  • Neutron Series 240GB $209.99 USD
  • Neutron Series GTX 120GB $139.99 USD
  • Neutron Series GTX 240GB $249.99 USD

† IOPs performance tested using IOMeter 2006-07-27. Sequential read and write performance tested using ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.47.