New AMD Z-Series APU for Tablets Enables Immersive Experience for Upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 Platforms

Uncompromised Performance and Amazing AMD Radeon Graphics Set the Bar for Highly Portable and Tablet Form Factors

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Oct. 9, 2012 – AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced its latest entry in the performance tablet and small form factor PC market with the AMD Z-60 Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The AMD Z-60 is AMD’s lowest power APU, delivering unprecedented performance and AMD AllDay™ power for tablet form factors as thin as 10mm. A compelling combination of features, stunning graphics, support for the latest Microsoft Windows® 8 applications and user interfaces, as well as compatibility with Windows® 7 and the full-suite of legacy Windows applications, makes the AMD Z-60 APU an ideal solution for a range of designs.


The first tablets based on the AMD Z-60 APU are expected to launch globally this year in conjunction with availability of Windows 8.

“Tablet users seeking an uncompromised experience for both creating and consuming content on the Microsoft Windows 8 platform now have a performance-driven, affordable option with the AMD Z-60 APU,” said Steve Belt, corporate vice president of Ultra-Low Power Products, AMD. “We see a large gap between the lower performance and high-price competitive offerings that allow AMD to be in tablet designs that will please our customers and end users alike.”

The AMD Z-60 APU comes loaded with features designed to enhance the tablet experience, including AMD Start Now technology that allows fast boot and resume from sleep times[1], up to eight hours of battery life while Web browsing, and up to six hours of HD video playback[2]. Just as impressive is the stunning visual quality delivered by the AMD Radeon™ graphics on the APU, with support for full HD 1080p resolution, HDMI output for external displays, and impressive gaming performance with Microsoft Direct X®11 capability.

Tablets with AMD APUs can also leverage the AMD AppZone, a one-stop resource for accessing popular applications that can take advantage of the full compute capability of the processor.

The AMD Z-60 APU is shipping today to customers that are expected to launch systems later this year.

[1] AMD Start Now technology is a BIOS-optimized solution designed to deliver better system responsiveness by minimizing the time to wake up the system from sleep mode, boot the system to desktop and connect to a wireless local area network. Actual times will vary based on operating system, APU, driver, disk drive and memory speed. AMD Start Now technology is available with select AMD APUs when running Windows 7; compatibility with Windows 8 is expected. Check with your component or system manufacturer or retailer for specific model capabilities
[2] Power projections based on calculations carried out by AMD Performance Labs measuring total system and individual component power at Windows Idle, while web browsing, and while viewing a 9:57 minute video in h.264 format, viewed at 720P setting at 60 nits. The AMD Z-60 based reference platform is projected to measure .75 W at idle, 1.1 W during web browsing, 1.6 W during video playback and .02 W during a system S3 “sleep” state. Total system power for the reference platform is projected at 2.9 W at idle, 3.9 W during web browsing, 4.8 W during video playback and .08 W during a system S3 “sleep” state. Battery life calculations were derived using a 30Whr battery pack at 98% utilization. The AMD Z-60 power projections are based on a reference system configuration including the Dual Core Z-60 1.0GHz APU with AMD Radeon™ HD 6250 graphics, 2GB DDR3-1066 system memory and Microsoft Windows 8. Details for Windows 8 power states are outlined in the confidential Win8 logo specification. BRNeB-I10