QNAP Adds Digital TV Recording and Resource Sharing for its Turbo NAS Lineup

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, December 6, 2012 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced the release of TV Station, extending Turbo NAS users’ multimedia experience to online TV watching, recording, and playback.


Only requiring simple steps to install a DVB-T USB TV tuner on the Turbo NAS, the TV Station provides an economical option to record digital TV programs and share live or recorded contents with multiple members simultaneously. Live and recorded TV programs are made accessible via web browsers. “As the amount of time spent on watching television programs over the Internet on a computer and the recorded digital content has increased over years, the TV Station rides on the trend to fulfil user’s needs,” said Oliver Lien, product manager of QNAP.

Up to 2 USB TV tuners are supported so that users can enjoy the TV program while recording another program at the same time. “Recording is extremely flexible,” added Lien. “Users can schedule the recording of specific TV programs with the over-the-air EPG (Electronic Program Guide). It only takes few clicks to get it done.”

QNAP’s Turbo NAS products have successfully integrated diverse entertainment features offering convenient and fun ways in storing and sharing photos, music, and videos at home. “The introduction of TV Station will absolutely further enrich the overall experience of using the Turbo NAS,” commented Lien.

The TV Station is available for the following Turbo NAS installed with NAS firmware version 3.8.0 onward:
TS-1679U-RP, TS-EC1679U-RP, TS-1279U-RP, TS-EC1279U-RP, TS-1079 Pro, TS-879U-RP, TS-EC879U-RP, TS-879 Pro, TS-869L, TS-869U-RP, TS-869 Pro, TS-859U-RP+, TS-859U-RP, TS-859 Pro+, TS-669L, TS-669 Pro, TS-569L,TS-569 Pro, TS-559 Pro +, TS-559 Pro II, TS-469U-SP, TS-469L, TS-469U-RP, TS-469 Pro , TS-269L, TS-269 Pro, TS-459U-RP+/SP+, TS-459U-RP/SP, TS-459 Pro+, TS-459 Pro II, TS-259 Pro+, TS-439 Pro II+, TS-439 Pro II, TS-239 Pro II, TS-809 Pro, TS-509 Pro, TS-809U-RP, TS-419U+, TS-419U II, TS-419U, TS-419P II, TS-419P+, TS-419P, TS-412U, TS-412, TS-410U, TS-410, TS-259 Pro+, TS-239Pro II+, TS-219P II, TS-219P+, TS-219P, TS-219, TS-212, TS-210, TS-119P II, TS-119P+, TS-119P, TS-119, TS-112, TS-110, SS-839 Pro, SS-439 Pro

Note: The TV Station supports DVB-T reception for ‚Free to air‘ broadcast. DVB-T reception is not available in every country. Please check on this webpage to make sure whether DVB-T is available in your region.