DOOGEE S59 PRO Giveaway

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

It’s true that this year didn’t start well, but it’s almost over and so we decided to spread some smiles all over the world to try to make Christmas a little more special.


But even before getting into the details of what are the special offers, let’s ask if you are familiar with the recently launched DOOGEE S59 PRO smartphone?

Not yet?

Then let’s have a quick look at this new device specification that will certainly leave you amazed.

  • A super loudspeaker to shake your body wherever you go;
  • A huge 10050 mAh battery that lasts a long time;
  • A large memory capacity to store all your important data;
  • The recent MediaTek Helio P22 Octa-Core CPU with a clock speed of 2 GHz;
  • A compact body with 5.71″ HD+ Display to fit in any pocket, and equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass protection;
  • Quad AI rear cameras to offer the best photographic experience to capture different scenes in different lighting conditions. The two main cameras have Samsung 16 MP sensors, accompanied by a wide-angle lens with an 8MP sensor, followed by a macro lens with 8 MP sensor, and finally a field camera depth sensor with 2MP;
  • The network has bands with global frequencies, to be anywhere with support for most networks around the world;
  • The device is robust, it can survive in the most adverse weather conditions, from -55℃ to the scorching heat of 70℃. It can withstand falls, withstand water, dust, and will survive like a warrior;
  • The NFC function that will make your life easier for payments and supports Google Pay;

Many thousands already saw our live streaming event. Did you watch it?

On December 15 2020, DOOGEE made a live stream on our official YouTube channel and in addition, 3 units of DOOGEE S59 PRO were raffled among the giveaway participants.

And to welcome Christmas and New Year we are conducting a mystery box, and this giveaway will have many prizes, click on the link to enter and win the mystery gift. Winners will be announced on the 5th of January during the live stream

Click to participate:

About the Christmas day, we will organize a Special Gift Event at the official AliExpress store: with:

  1. $2 USD in coupon: for all participants
  2. $10 USD in coupon: Limited for the first 100 units
  3. $20 USD in coupon: Limited to 50 units