Blackview BL5000 — Best 5G Rugged Gaming Smartphone for Bad-tempered Game Players

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Have you ever thrown your phone in anger, especially in gaming? It’s good for venting your bad emotions, but not for your phone. Can’t get both right? Here’s a solution — Blackview’s latest 5G TOUGH GAME RUGGED PHONE, Blackview BL5000, born to kill this dilemma.


Built to take a beating, Blackview BL5000 has a ruggedized design that withstands drops, mishaps, and abuse. It provides extra protection to stand the emotional destruction actions of the owner. Check out the video below and you’ll get blown away with the unbelievable toughness that the phone offers.

Blackview BL5000 is a real survivor from the violent force. And it offers more than this. It’s equipped with the best specs for a truly immersive gaming experience and great multitasking efficiency. What’s more it surpasses iPhone 12 by extending the Ultra-wide angle to 125° for even wider landscape/group photography.

Now it has a limited-time sale where you can snap up one for only $279.99 ($220 off) with an extra free gift, that is, a piece of earphones valued at $59.99, a perfect match with BL5000 for immersive gaming. In addition, there are exclusive 5 pcs released astonishingly pricing at $199.99 Every Day at 4 P.M. (GMT+8). Both offers will be closed on Aug.22nd at midnight (PT). Don’t miss it!