Don't like a noisy PC case? It's time to upgrade.

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  • Elegant & modern design
  • Sound-absorbing material
  • Optimized default cooling conguration
  • 2x 140mm PWM fans and 1x 120mm PWM fan pre-installed

The CHIEFTEC APEX Q presents an elegant and subtle brushed front panel design, complemented by an interior equipped with a modern layout for optimal cooling compatibility.

It features added sound-absorbing material on the side and front panels to provide a quiet user experience. The APEX Q comes with three PWM fans pre-installed, one 140mm in the front, another 140mm in the rear, and one 120mm on the PSU cover, optimizing the cooling performance and airow particular for the GPU.

The CHIEFTEC APEX Q is ready to deliver customers an enhanced experience of elegance and quality design.