NZXT Unveils Latest PC Components, Refining The PC-Building Experience For Gamers

NZXT empowers PC builders with simplified fan management, a reimagined H7 Flow, and high-performance ATX 3.1 power supplies.

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Leader in PC gaming components, products and prebuilts, NZXT, has unveiled a new line of products that refine the PC-building experience for gamers.


Revealed at Computex 2024, NZXT’s new products further highlight its commitment to help gamers obtain a gaming PC in the simplest way possible. Whether gamers decide to build it from scratch, upgrade their existing rig, or purchase a pre-built custom gaming PC, NZXT has them covered.

The innovative F-Series RGB Core single-frame fans lead the lineup, a reimagined NZXT H7 Flow and high-performance C-Series ATX 3.1 power supplies converge to make this product reveal one of the best of the year in gaming PC hardware.

Introducing the NZXT F-Series RGB Core single-frame fans

As a simpler alternative to modular fan connections and daisy chains, the new F240, F280, and F360 RGB Core single-frame fans combine multiple high-performance fans into a seamless, all-in-one design.

The RGB Core single-frame fans simplify installation by reducing the number of cables and screws needed, streamlining the building process and cleaning up the overall look. The single 8-pin cable combines RGB and PWM connections, which can be directly managed via the new NZXT Control Hub (available Q3 2024) or connected to any 5V ARGB and fan port on a motherboard using a splitter for flexibility.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one integrated fans design streamlines installation, setup, and control
  • Only one cable required per unit, reducing clutter and streamlining connections
  • Fan blades are designed to balance optimal airflow and high static pressure, making them suitable for use anywhere in the case
  • Eight individually-addressable RGB LEDs per fan hub are brilliantly diffused through semi-translucent blades
  • Fluid dynamic bearings and anti-vibration rubber corners keep noise at a bare minimum, even at high speeds
  • Control RGB lighting and fan speeds with CAM when connected to the new NZXT Control Hub or NZXT RGB & Fan Controller (each sold separately)

RGB Core single-frame fans will be used for future cases and cooling products.

F240: $44.99 | F280: $49.99 | F360: $69.99

Available: June 2024

NZXT Control Hub: $49.99

Available: Q3 2024

In addition, NZXT has redesigned their F-Series Quiet Airflow and Static Pressure fans for enhanced performance. Quiet Airflow Fans deliver powerful, low-noise cooling for general case ventilation, while Static Pressure Fans force air through tight spaces like radiators and heat sinks.

F120Q: $14.99 | F140Q: $16.99

F120P: $14.99 | F140P: $16.99

Available: June 2024

A new era for the NZXT H7 Flow

Retaining its traditional mid-tower shape, the new H7 Flow draws inspiration from dual-chamber case designs to create a unique layout that balances aesthetics and performance while maintaining a narrow footprint. Builders seeking a sleek, modern design with powerful cooling potential will enjoy the new H7 Flow.

Key Features:

  • Redesigned case interior features a vertically-oriented PSU layout, allowing for the installation of 3 x 120mm bottom-mounted fans to provide direct airflow to the GPU
  • Comes equipped with 3 x 120mm front-mounted fans for out-of-the-box cooling
  • Supports up to 420mm radiators in the font and 360mm radiators up top for ultimate liquid cooling potential
  • High-performance mesh panels maximize airflow and filter dust​
  • Tool-less access to the front, top, and side panels with an intuitive cable management system makes building and upgrading a breeze​

An RGB variant of the H7 Flow will be also released featuring a pre-installed F360 RGB Core single-frame fan for builders who want out-of-the-box RGB.

H7 Flow: $129.99 | H7 Flow RGB: $149.99

Available: June 2024

NZXT C-Series Gold and Platinum ATX 3.1 power supplies

The new, next generation GPU ready, C-Series Gold and Platinum power supplies offer builders high-quality, reliable, and efficient power solutions for any system. With support for the ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards, these power supplies are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding components, ensuring future-proof performance.

Available in 850W, 1000W, and 1200W variations, the new C-Series Gold ATX 3.1 power supplies feature a redesigned layout that optimizes airflow and minimizes noise. Additionally, they are available in white, allowing builders to create seamless white builds with ease.

C-Series Gold (Black) | C1200 Gold: $199.99 | C1000 Gold: $179.99 | C850 Gold: $144.99

C-Series Gold (White) | C1200 Gold: $204.99 | C1000 Gold: $184.99 | C850 Gold: $149.99

Available: June 2024

Taking a step up from the Gold series, the C1500 Platinum utilizes digital power for precise voltage regulation, higher efficiency, lower ripple noise, and reduced coil whine compared to analog power supplies. The 140mm magnetic levitation fan offers superior performance, enhanced dust resistance, lower noise levels, and a longer lifespan compared to a fluid dynamic bearing fan. With dual 12V-2×6 connectors, the C1500 Platinum is ready to power the most demanding next-gen GPUs.

C1500 Platinum: $369.99

Available: June 2024