Computex 2024: Phanteks’ New Horizon

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

At Computex 2024, Phanteks is proudly unveils an array of groundbreaking products, including several refreshing chassis designs, comprehensive NEXLINQ ecosystem, advanced water-cooling solutions, and the long awaited T30-140. The new offerings highlight Phanteks’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of PC hardware design and functionality.


The next-generation chassis lineup features updates to nearly all series giving everyone something to desire. Fan favorites such as the Evolv, Eclipse, NV, and Enthoo series have received elevated models, some of which are the Evolv X2, Eclipse G400A/G400N, NV5MKII, NV9MKII, and Enthoo Pro II – Server Edition XL, showcase major enhancements in aesthetics, airflow, and user convenience.

Additionally, the NEXLINQ ecosystem hub streamlines control of D-RGB lighting and fan systems. Featuring the new LINQ-6 connector, the NEXLINQ Hub integrates seamlessly with the M25 G2 fans and Glacier One M25 G2 AIO ensuring efficient power distribution and centralized management. They also plan to launch a CPU air cooler PolarST4 equipped with the 120mm M25 G2 fan.

Phanteks also addresses consumer water-cooling needs with the new Glacier EZ-Fit line, offering high-performance solutions with the 360 RAD-30 radiator, G40 GPU block, 450 CPU block, and 140 RES-D5 reservoir. These products emphasize ease of installation and superior cooling efficiency.

Lastly, with the final product, it is the long awaited T30-140 fans. Although it is still in development, Phanteks showcases their dedication to the community. Team members state that they are still tooling to finetuning performance to create the best 140mm fan. Stages of their development can show their efforts in uncompromising quality, a fan for all scenarios, ultimate performance in every aspect, and intuitive installation methods.

Elevating Legacy: Phanteks’ Next-Gen Chassis

  • Evolv X2: Boasting modern and refined aesthetic. Modern aluminum panels, integrated cable management, integrated fan positions to accentuate prime hardware, and support for rear connector mainboards.
  • Eclipse G400A/G400N: Enhanced airflow with brick pattern mesh, front inlet design, and NEXLINQ hub for simplified control (G400N only).
  • Enthoo Pro II – Server Edition XL: Dual PSU capability, dual chamber design, high airflow, and increased fan and HDD support.
  • NV5MKII & NV9MKII: Compatibility with rear-connecting mainboards.

NEXLINQ Ecosystem

  • M25 G2 Fans: Daisy chain, D-RGB with infinity mirror hub, available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • PolarST4: 120M25 G2 Fan, DRGB Top Cover, Sleek Design, Fits any Mainboard without RAM Issues, cost effective design.
  • Glacier One 360M25 G2 AIO: Large copper base and fin array for high-end CPU, D-RGB lighting, integrated fan for additional motherboard component cooling.
  • NEXLINQ Controller Hub: Centralized control with LINQ-6 connectors, compatible with NEXLINQ software.

Glacier EZ-Fit Water-Cooling Solution

  • 360 RAD-30: 30mm thickness, H90 copper tubing.
  • 450 CPU Block: Ultra-fine micro fins, integrated fittings for efficiency.
  • 140 RES-D5: Powerful D5-Gen 3 pump, integrated D-RGB lighting.
  • G40 GPU Block: Tailored for ASUS ROG Strix/TUF Gaming RTX 4090 cards.

Phanteks Glacier EZ-Fit

T30-140 Fan (Prototype)

  • Uncompromising Quality: High quality 3-phase motor DUAL VAPO bearing, Blades and frame made from glass fiber reinforced with LCP (Liquid-Crystal Polymer), Magnetic levitation technology, increased fan thickness, 0.5mm blade tip clearance.
  • One Fan all Scenarios: Software-free fan profile, hybrid mode for ultimate silence, performance mode for high cooling, advanced mode for industrial-grade cooling.
  • Ultimate Performance: Design focused around maximizing cooling and noise performance. Aerodynamically optimized for radiators, heatsinks and dust filters rubber dampeners.
  • Intuitive Installation: Daisy-Chain Cable Design, PWM extension cable, Radiator and Halos screw included.

Availability: Q3-Q4 2024 Products May Vary.


  • Evolv X2 | $149.99/€149.90
  • Eclipse G400A|$99.99 / €99.90
  • Eclipse G400N |$129.99 / €129.90
  • Enthoo Pro II – Server Edition XL| $269.99 / €269.90
  • NV5MKII | $109.99 / €109.90
  • NV9MKII | $249.99 / €249.90
  • M25 G2 Fans | Single pack 120/140mm $10.99 / €10,90
    3-pack 120/140mm $29.99 / €29,90
  • Glacier One 360M25 G2 AIO | $129.99 / €129.90
  • NEXLINQ Controller Hub | $29.99 / €29.90
  • Glacier EZ-Fit 360 SOFT-KIT | $399.99 / €399.90
  • Glacier EZ-Fit 360 D30-KIT | $499.99 / €499.90
  • PolarST4 | N/A
  • EZ-Fit 450 CPU | $99.99 / €99.90
  • EZ-Fit 360RAD-30 | $99.99 / €99.90
  • EZ-Fit 140 RES-D5 | $249.99 / €249.90
  • EZ-Fit G40 | $249.99 / €249.90
  • EZ-Fit 16 HI-PMMA Tubing -Frosted | $18.99 / €18.90 (2x 90cm)
  • EZ-Fit 16 PVC Tubing – Clear | $12.99 / €12.90 (3m)
  • T30 Fan (Prototype)| 140mm N/A