Super Flower Unleashes Revolutionary Releases at COMPUTEX 2024, Ushering in a New Era of Innovation

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Super Flower, renowned for its innovation and commitment to quality, is excited to showcase its latest advancements at Computex 2024. At the Super Flower booth, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of cutting-edge products designed for both enthusiasts and professionals. Highlighting their dedication to performance and reliability, the booth will feature the newest power solutions, including their latest PSUs and cooling systems, all integrating advanced technology and superior craftsmanship. Super Flower will showcase its commitment to staying ahead in technology with new AI integration, alongside its official entry into the server and redundant power supply market. Attendees can also learn about Super Flower’s proprietary manufacturing and design capabilities, which enable them to cater to different types of users with patented technologies tailored to meet their specific needs.


Leadex VII Series

​At Computex 2024, Super Flower proudly introduces its Leadex PSU Series up to 2800W, meticulously crafted for professionals seeking unparalleled performance and reliability. With an 80PLUS Platinum Certification, the Leadex Series ensures exceptional energy efficiency. Fully compliant with ATX3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards, it guarantees compatibility with the latest hardware. Featuring full Japanese capacitors, these PSUs deliver stable power output, ensuring longevity and reliability. Equipped with a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan and copper shaft, Leadex PSUs excel in heat dissipation, ensuring optimal cooling even under heavy loads. For professionals demanding the pinnacle of power supply technology, the Leadex Series is the ultimate choice.

Cooldex DT8 Max

Continuing its innovation streak, Super Flower introduces the Cooldex DT8 Max, its latest air cooling solution. Engineered for optimal thermal performance, this advanced model features a dual tower design with eight heat pipes, fully soldered fins, and a copper shaft. Offering stability, durability, and enhanced heat dissipation, it ensures better heat management and a longer lifespan. With user-friendly installation and interchangeable top covers for customization, the Cooldex DT8 Max sets a new standard in air cooling solutions, priced at $89.99 and equipped with the Megacool PBT high-pressure fan.

Cooldex AIO-420

Expanding beyond water cooling, Super Flower unveils its advanced water cooling solution, the Cooldex AIO-420. Featuring a vibrant LCD panel for real-time performance monitoring, it comes with three high-pressure 14 cm Megacool fans for superior cooling. Compatible with Megacool Reversible and Hyperlink fans, it offers versatile configurations. The unique pump head design allows custom animations, making it perfect for enthusiasts seeking both functionality and style.

Megacool Reverse Fan

Super Flower introduces the Megacool Reverse Fan 120mm, featuring a unique reverse rotation design. Users can change airflow direction and adjust speed via remote control, with reverse efficiency up to 80%, the highest on the market. Made from high-strength, heat-resistant LCP material, it’s ideal for both chassis and water cooling systems. This advanced fan offers exceptional versatility and performance for any setup.

Zillion Direct

Zillion Direct includes a replaceable magnetic front panel mesh, removable front and upper heat sinks, and a 90-degree rotatable VGA slot with an adjustable bracket. It supports back plug-in motherboards and has a removable side panel baffle for cable routing. The side and top panels are removable and designed with mesh for heat dissipation, and can be swapped for glass panels. The power supply cover has a patented adjustable plate for directing cooling air. This case supports graphics cards up to 390mm and air coolers up to 180mm, perfect for high-performance builds.