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  • Hardware 3D Features:
    • Optimized for Intel Pentium® III SSETM and 3D-Now!™
    • New! AGP V2.0 Slot Support, 100% hardware triangle setup engine
    • Up to 1920 x 1200 x 16.7M color & 2048 x 1536 x 16bits color
    • Twin-Texel (TNT) 32-bit graphics pipeline, processes 2 pixels-per-clock cycle enabling single-pass
    • 2 texture mapped, lit pixels per clock
    • Single pass multi-texture rendering
    • Square and non-square texture support
    • High precision 24-bit or 16-bit floating point Z-Buffer
    • TextureBlend support examples (Multi-texture, Reflection maps, Bump Map, Detail textures, texture modulation, environmental maps, Light maps, Procedural textures)
    • Back-end blend (Destination and, Alpha blending, 32-bit ARGB rendering, Paint sampled, Bilinear, Trilinear and 8-tap anisotropic filtering – better than trilinear Mip mapping)
    • Per-Pixel perspective texture mapping (Fog, Lightning, Mip mapping)
  • TV-out Features
    • Digital video output by integrated NTSC/PAL encoders
    • Complete S-VHS & Composite Video-Output Ports support
    • Advanced support for DirectShowTM, MPEG-1/2 & Indeo®
    • Up to 800 x 600 TV-out resolutions
    • Support for multiple-line flick-filtering
    • Hardware video scaling for video conferencing & playback
    • Hardware color space conversion (YUV4:2:2, & YUV4:2:0)
  • Video-in Features
    • Complete S-VHS & Composite Video-Input Ports support
    • Support filtered down-scaling and decimation
    • Support real time video capture via Bus Mastering DMA
    • High clock rates for external de-interlaced streams
    • Serial interface for decoder control
    • Free ASUS Live3800 Video Capture driver bundled
  • Virtual Reality Features
    • Enjoy your normal Direct3D Games as Virtual Reality Games
    • 120 Frames/Sec (60 frames/sec for each eye) display
    • Support many many Direct3D games. (Tomb Raider III, Motor Racer II, Motor Head, Incoming…etc)

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