Futuremark Announces Patch for PCMark’04

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Saratoga, California USA – January 29th, 2004 – Futuremark® Corporation

announced today the immediate availability of a software patch to its
PCMark(TM)04, the latest version in the popular PCMark benchmark series.
PCMark04 is a state-of-the-art benchmarking tool and has been widely
adopted; over 2 million copies have been distributed since its launch
in November 2003.

Available immediately, this free downloadable software patch provides
expanded functionality for Pro and Business licensees and fixes some
reported bugs while improving overall stability for all license
versions – including the free evaluation package. The patch will not
affect any current benchmark scores.

PCMark04 builds on Futuremark’s strong benchmark development experience
and provides a sophisticated tool for measuring PC performance for home
usage. PCMark04 supports the complete benchmark cycle – allowing you to
benchmark your PC, view the resulting benchmark details, compare your
results to those of others, and finally analyze how to improve your PC
performance. It produces highly reliable and detailed benchmarking
results with a simple, intuitive user interface. An integrated Online
ResultBrowser allows instant results comparison against more than 10
million benchmark results in Futuremark’s ever increasing performance

Technical Details associated with the PCMark04 Patch (Build 110):

  • Hard Disk Tests now work also on Windows 2000;
  • Command line options have been added for the Pro version (enables automated test runs based on self developed scripts);
  • WMV Compression test stability has been improved;
  • All reported and reproduced minor issues have been fixed.

Futuremark’s official mirrors carry both a 2.6MB patch download for
current PCMark04 users and a full 36MB download of the PCMark04 Build
110 for new users. A list of official mirrors can be found at

Pricing and Availability PCMark04 is available in two versions:
PCMark04 Pro for private use and PCMark04 Business for commercial and
business use. The software is available from
for $19.95 for private use and $199.95 for business use. A limited functionality version of
PCMark04 is freely available at
for evaluation purposes.