Transition to the Future – Soltek at CeBit 2004 Hannover

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

At Hall 22 Stand A12, Soltek is going to present you the latest mini PCs, motherboards, and graphics cards featuring the next-generation computer technologies. Numerous samples on show across more than 76 square meters of floor space showcase the trend of computer technology and how the technology of 2003 became the mainstream products in 2004. Please feel free to visit Soltek’s booth.


No One Else, but Qbic!

Since the launch of Qbic EQ3000/2000 in 2002, Qbic has been a success and main player in the mini PC market. Evolved from EQ3000/2000 series, the EQ3401/3702 series have earned more than 20 awards from the famous media worldwide. The outstanding performance, ultra low noise level, and stylish chassis design are the proven strengths on EQ3401/3702 series. And at CeBit 2004, with the well-known strengths, Soltek will introduce you a series of new barebone products. We will present you the new barebone system based on nForce 3 250Gb chipset for Athlon 64 processors, and a brand new front panel and chassis design. The new Qbic will definitely be a bomb in the mini PC market.

Hardcore Enthusiasts’ Favorite: Soltek Pro Series

Soltek, as a quality mainboard maker with a great reputation among overclockers, launched the Pro series in the year-end of 2003. The main goal of Soltek Pro series is simple, that is, to bring users a high end and high performance solution for entry server, workstation, and high-end desktop PC market in a comparatively lower cost by integrating the practical features on the mainboard. Now as long as there’s a new chipset launched, Soltek will release a “Pro” mainboard to the market in black PCB.

Transition to the Future: Intel 915G, VIA PT890, K8T800 Pro and more…

This year at CeBit Hanover, Soltek will present you the motherboards based on Intel, VIA and nVidia for the latest Intel and AMD platform.
For the Intel platform, the Intel 915G based SL-915GPro-FGR and VIA PT890 based SL-PT890Pro-FGR feature the latest PCI Express interface and support the latest Intel Pentium4 processors at LGA 775 package. We will also showcase a bunch of new motherboards that fully support the “Prescott” core Pentium4 & Celeron processors up to 3.4GHz or higher.
And in the AMD side, the latest SL-K8TPro-939 based on VIA K8T800 Pro chipset is the perfect solution for AMD Athlon 64 processors at 939-pin package. Don’t forget the K7!
SL-KT880Pro-FGR is based on VIA’s first Dual Channel K7 chipset, KT880. Its outstanding performance will surely impress the K7 crowd.

New Force to ATi Graphics card

Soltek entered graphics card market from June, 2002, and its first graphics card line started from NVIDIA chipset based graphics card. Now Soltek’s graphics card comes the new force, the ATI series to fulfill all customers‘ requirements. Soltek announced 3 models ATI Radeon series graphics cards in the year-end of 2003: the SL-9600S-PD, SL-9200S-PT, and SL-9200S-CT. And at CeBit, we have launch a new ATi 9600XT based product, SL-9600X-XD featuring 128bit, 256MB memory interface. These new graphics cards based on ATI GPU make Soltek graphics product line more complete and step right into the mainstream market.