VoodooPC unveils the worlds only Fan Free Dual Processor Digital Content Creation Workstation

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Calgary, Alberta—May 14 – Today, VoodooPC, a world leader in the design and

manufacturing of high-performance personal entertainment systems announced
the release of EDEN, the worlds only Fanless Dual Processor Digital Content
Creation Workstation. Featuring Dual AMD Opteron Processors (fastest
available), the NVIDIA Quadro FX Workstation Video Cards and absolutely NO
fans, the Voodoo EDEN is an ultimate workstation for game developers and web

“We wanted to do this right the first time while sticking with our brand
promise of building the ultimate in entertainment machines,” said Rahul
Sood, President and CTO of VoodooPC. “Digital Content Creation is something
that we’ve been toying with for years, and many of our customers have been
requesting Dual Processor solutions from us. Rather than fit the norm, we
decided, based on customer feedback, that absolute silence is the only way
to go. This is why we created the Voodoo EDEN. When we showed EDEN at E3 we
received similar shocked reactions from various members of the media, who
didn’t believe it was possible until we opened the machine and showed it to

Compared to workstation offerings from other major manufacturers, the Voodoo
EDEN is faster, more flexible, and most important – it’s fan free so it’s
deadly quiet.

“It seemed unfeasible to take the best workstation video card in the world
and couple it with the fastest dual processors in the world, and make the
entire system fanless,” says Chris Fleming, Lead Marketing Director
VoodooPC, “Our R&D team performed the impossible, and the result is simple:
Our own internal designers have started using these machines and their
productivity has increased dramatically. Ambient noise being cut down has
simply helped their concentration, not to mention the fact that these
machines are insanely fast.”

Voodoo EDEN is expected to be available to purchase from www.voodoopc.com in