Maxtor Targets High Growth SOHO and Home Networking Markets

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

LAS VEGAS, CES, (Suite N221/222), Jan. 4 – Home

networking isn’t just a high-tech hobby anymore. More than 97 million
consumers worldwide will have home networks by 2008, according to In-Stat.
Addressing the storage explosion that is accompanying this growth, Maxtor
Corporation (NYSE: MXO) today announced its Maxtor Shared Storage(TM) solution
that lets home or small office/home office (SOHO) users easily centralize,
organize and share data, photos or music on a wired or wireless network.

The Maxtor Shared Storage solution is simple to install with automatic
network configuration, and comes with Maxtor’s exclusive Drag and Sort(TM)
technology that helps users organize their data on the network. Once set up is
complete, each networked PC user automatically receives a desktop icon with
access to a shared public folder as well as their own set of personal private
network folders.

Maxtor will be present at Storage Visions in Las Vegas, January 4-5, 2005,
and at CES in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2005 to show the new Maxtor Shared
Storage solution and several other new consumer electronic devices. Come visit
us at the Las Vegas Convention Center in suite N222/221.

„With the Maxtor Shared Storage product, we’ve created an entirely new
networking storage experience for home and SOHO users,“ said Stacey Lund,
executive director of Maxtor’s Branded Products. „We paid attention to how
people are going to use the product — from set up and data organization, to
sharing files and personalization — and developed new features to create an
industry-leading solution. Our goal is to continue to make storage simple.
Whether it’s with our award-winning Maxtor OneTouch II external drive with
push button backup or our new Maxtor Shared Storage solution, we continue to
raise the bar and deliver high-quality, innovative products that enhance the
consumers‘ digital lifestyle.“

Setting up the Maxtor Shared Storage solution on a home or SOHO network is
simple. The drive plugs into a network router via a 10/100 Ethernet port, and
installs quickly with the help of the solution’s automatic network
configuration. Once the drive is on the network, users simply run a quick
start CD on each networked PC to automatically receive a desktop icon that
gives them easy access to a shared public folder and a set of personal private
network folders.

Organizing files on the drive is also a breeze. Consumers simply select
and drag files into a special PC desktop icon and Maxtor’s exclusive Drag and
Sort feature automatically sorts them based on file type and puts them in
specific music, photo, video or document folders. The Drag and Sort feature
can identify and sort more than 100 common Windows file types.

The Maxtor Shared Storage solution comes in a 200GB or 300GB storage
capacity, and includes two USB ports to connect and share two USB printers or
two additional external storage drives, or one of each.

„Computer hard drives eventually fill up with photos, MP3s, digital video
games, documents and more,“ said Mike Wolf, Principal Consumer Content and
Connectivity analyst at In-Stat. „A device such as the Maxtor Shared Storage
solution frees up disk space on PCs, makes files more accessible to everyone
on the network, and protects digital assets that are irreplaceable. The Maxtor
Shared Storage solution is an indication Maxtor is adapting to changing
markets and consumer needs.“

Maxtor Shared Storage drives will be available in February at major U.S.
retailers, distributors and online stores, as well as at
Worldwide availability will begin in March 2005. Please visit
for local distribution channels and retail outlets. The manufacturer suggested
retail price is $399.95 for the 300GB and $299.95 for the 200GB solution.