Samsung Electronics to Supply Multi-chip Packages to Sony for PlayStation Portable

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Seoul, Korea – January 13, 2005 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world

leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it will supply
high-performance multi-functional multi-chip package (MCP) solutions for
Sony’s PlayStation® Portable (PSP) game system and to manufacturers of
digital cameras. Well known as an essential memory solution for mobile
phones, MCP solutions offer consumer electronics manufacturers a higher
level of functionality and data storage for multimedia applications in
extremely small packages.

With the world’s fastest MCP processing rate of 1.3GB/s, the MCP devices
supplied for the Sony PSP have a capacity of 64 megabytes and consist of 256
Mb NAND flash memory and high-speed mobile DDR (double-data-rate) DRAM

Camera manufacturers will use a combination of mobile DRAM and NOR flash
memory, or mobile DRAM and OneNANDTM memory, in their digital cameras.

Samsung believes that its MCP technology will be a primary driver in the
expanding mobile consumer electronics market, permitting increased media-
and application-rich features in smaller portable devices.

Samsung has long held the top position in the overall memory chip market
and, last year, became the world’s foremost maker of MCPs. As demand for
MCP technology grows, Samsung will increase manufacturing efforts of MCPs
for mobile phones as well as consumer electronic mobile devices. It was the
world’s first to develop six-stack and eight-stack MCPs.

Samsung began shipping its MCP devices to Sony and to digital still camera
manufacturers this quarter.