XGI supports AMD64 processors

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, April 25, 2005 – XGI™ Technology Inc, a leading graphics solution provider, today announced that 64-bit AMD Athlon™ and AMD Opteron™ processors are fully supported in its new ultra high-performance, DirectX® 9.0 graphics Volari™ processors for desktop, notebook and server applications.


Recently announced from XGI, the Volari graphics processor family brings the latest DirectX 9.0 graphics features and image quality to users across the entire performance spectrum, while delivering real values to mainstream and entry-level desktop, notebook and server market segments.

“The XGI Volari product family brings affordability to DirectX 9.0 graphics in PCI, AGP and PCIe solutions. In addition to XGI’s graphics capabilities, the AMD Athlon 64 processor elevates both graphics performance and system image quality,” said Ralph Cheng, VP of Marketing and OEM Sales of XGI. “Strategically partnering with AMD, our end-customers can enjoy the latest 3D games and diversified multimedia experiences with an excellent selection of price points and graphics performance powered by AMD Athlon 64 processors and XGI Graphics processors. Additionally, XGI is pleased to support AMD Opteron processors for leading-edge server solutions.”

Our family of AMD Athlon 64 processors enable unprecedented levels of performance and support for compute-intensive realism in 3D graphics for DirectX 9.0,” said Bob Brewer, Corporate Vice President, Desktop Marketing Segment,, desktop business segment, Microprocessor Solutions Secto, AMD. “AMD and XGI are working to provide a, cinematic computing experience for our shared customers so that they can continue taking advantage of the incredible flexibility and power of the AMD64 Technology platforms.”

Manufactured with the latest high-performance 0.13um CMOS process technology, the Volari desktop product family includes Volari V8, Volari V5, Volari V3XT, and Volari V3 targeted for mainstream and entry-level markets, respectively. The Volari V8 operates the graphics engine clocks in excess of 350MHz and supports DDR-II memory at up to 450MHz clock rate (or 1000 MB/sec). Furthermore, Volari V3XT is the only value segment graphic card that has HDTV features up to 720p/1080i. Volari XP5 is the entry level notebook graphic chip with low thermal, low power consumption, and great video quality. To support the server market, XGI has the Volari Z7 to follow-up the legacy Blade3D 9880 providing customers with quality, highly reliable graphics solutions to support enterprise systems and 64-bit operating systems.