Leadtek Expands International Market for WinFast Brand Graphics Cards

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, June 9, 2006 – Leadtek Research Inc., manufacturer of the

world beating range of WinFast Graphics cards is expanding more aggressively
than ever its presence on the global market and will do so with the
unmitigated support of its partner NVIDIA.
In a message to Leadtek on the occasion of a 20th anniversary dinner for
distributors at the Taiwan International Convention Center in Taipei this
evening, NVIDIA president and CEO, Jen-Hsun said his company, was proud to
have a partner as “loyal and reliable” as Leadtek.
„Over the last decade, NVIDIA and Leadtek have enjoyed a long and prosperous
relationship,“ stated Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at NVIDIA
Corporation. „Leadtek is a recognized pioneer in the graphics industry, we
are proud to have a partner as loyal and reliable as Leadtek. We are
committed to supporting Leadtek to its fullest with the products that have
established us as performance leaders in the global market.“
For his part Leadtek founder and President K.S. Lu told distributors that
Leadtek had built a strong partnership and business cooperation with GPU
leader NVIDIA – “a very rare one in the industry.” From NV1 in 1995 until
the present nForce7 Leadtek is the only long term partnership remaining with
NVIDIA. It was through this positive relationship that NVIDIA continued to
support Leadtek in its quest to maintain its status as a Performance Leader
in the Industry he said.
Since its founding in 1986, Lu said, Leadtek had based its business on the
design and manufacture of graphics cards followed successively by the
development of CGA, EGA, VGA, Windows Accelerator VGA, Work Station Graphics
and 3D Graphics.
“We built our reputation on a ‘fast to market’ approach, high quality and
high performance above the Industrial average and will continue to do so in
the years to come.”
The WinFast brand, renowned for its stability, over-clocking design has won
the acclaim of both media critics and the public alike” with Best of Media
Reviews and voted unanimously as the best choice of PC Gamers. Leadtek, Lu
said, was second only to ATI, the longest Graphics Cards manufacturer in the
Apart from its global reputation for graphics cards Leadtek has marketed its
TV tuners in a world wide channel since1991 – a tuner that has been highly
sought after in Europe and Asia for its fast channel selection and
de-interlacing video processing.
Leadtek, has also cooperated with the World’s major GPS chip supplier, SiRF
since 1997 and Leadtek’s GPS module, said Lu, was outpacing all the
competition on the world market. This year the company announced its
Personal Navigator. Leadtek GPS products also won the CES Top Ten product
awards with their dedicated design. Lu said Leadtek would integrate
Multimedia Technology in its Personal Navigator to add even more value to
its products. Within three years the company intends to focus on the ODM
business and become the world’s major designer and manufacturer of the car

Leadtek’s series of broadband videophones, said Lu, had been built on its
own Protocol, CODEC and network technology. They had enjoyed instant
success. Today the company works in partnership with major players in
telecommunications including NTT Japan and France Telecom with whom Leadtek
had been first to implement IP video telephony for residential users.
Leadtek’s Triple Play product (LR8721) won the CES BEST Innovation and
Engineering Award this year. A global world wide video service
platform –GVSC – he said had led to cooperation with 12 countries and was
expected to rise to 20 by year end. The platform will use Leadtek’s complete
range of multimedia products from graphics cards to TV tuners, GPS
navigators and video phones.
Lu said his company would continue to develop multimedia communications
products to become the Total Multimedia Communications Solution Provider in
the digital home, digital car, digital office, and digital care.
“At the same time we are determined to maintain our leading edge status in
the industry and a strong presence on the International Graphics Market” Lu
A complete range of Leadtek products, under the theme “Digital Home” are
showcased on its stand in Hall 1, Booth A726, A732, A825, A831 at Computex
Taipei, 2006.