AOpen MoDT Series Enters the Era of 64-bit Ultra-speed Computing

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

’s-Hertogenbosch, August 2006 – AOpen’s world famous miniPC Duo and MoDT (Mobile on DeskTop) technology, using Mobile Computing technology in Desktop computer, anticipate supporting Core™ 2 Duo from now on. With the development name code Merom, Core™ 2 Duo is the CPU for the new generation notebook, that Intel® is going to introduce in the world on August 28. These products include AOpen miniPC Duo MP945-X / -VX / -VXR and MoDT Motherboard Series i975Xa-YDG, i945GTm-VHL / i945GMm-HL and i945GTt-VFA / i945GMt-FA. These products will be integrated with the Core™ 2 Duo (Merom) CPU to have unexpected top performance with optimized compatibility!


„AOpen is devoted to delivering consumers newer, more efficient and more energy-saving information appliance including AOpen miniPC Duo, which is world famous for its compact size and energy-saving, and the new generation MoDT motherboards, developed with innovative thinking. Also, in order to fulfill AOpen’s commitment to consumers, while Intel® is introducing their more computing-efficient and energy-saving Core™ 2 Duo (Merom) CPUs, the series of AOpen’s miniPC Duo and MoDT motherboards will provide supports synchronously. Thus those high quality products, which have been very efficient and energy-saving, will have an enhanced value as a whole!“ said Mr. Tony Yang, the Marketing Senior Director. „From now on, all consumers in the world that buy AOpen miniPC Duo and the MoDT Series motherboards using i945 and i975 chipsets can choose complete Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (Merom) CPU. Moreover, for consumers who have already bought the products mentioned above, they can feel the AOpen’s sincerity in taking care of loyal consumers. They only need to visit AOpen’s website and download new BIOS and dedicated drivers designed for Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (Merom) of the products mentioned above. Then they can enjoy immediately the performance of better computing-efficiency and more economical energy-saving that is brought by Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (Merom) CPU!“ followed the Senior Director Yang.

AOpen miniPC Duo MP945-VX / MP945-VXR can be integrated with complete Microsoft® Windows XP MCE™ 2005 operating system and remote control to become the most compact desktop globally with Viiv™ technology. Also, the built-in IEEE 802.11 b+g wireless network, 5.1 channel Dolby surround, the feature of S/PDIF digital output, the slim slot-in DVD±RW drive and 2.5′ HDD with large capacity for notebooks can meet the needs of digital homes with all features. AOpen miniPC Duo also provides DVI digital video output and TV signal output of S-Video / Y-Pb-PR. It not only can be connected to the LCD monitor of a computer, but also directly connected to the big size TV in the living room to bring you unprecedented and best visual enperience.

AOpen i975Xa-YDG is the top flagship of MoDT series motherboards. Also, it is the best presentation of that AOpen successfully uses its research and development ability and product originality. i975Xa-YDG integrates the powerful scalability of i975X chipset for desktop computers and the powerful computing and energy-saving of notebook CPU to create unprecedented total value. It includes the feature of overclock in 1MHz without re-starting the computer, integrated system turn on/off and Multi-function remote control for AV control and overclock control. It provides 2 PCI-Express x16 expansion slots, and supports ATI CrossFire dual graphic card technology and SATA II Hot-Swap feature that can be plug-and-play. The noise level of the fan in work is lower than 26dB. It also has 7.1 channel Hi-Fi Dolby surround output. Concluded from above, it’s the best choice for overclocking and game players.

i945GTm-VHL uses i945GT+ICH7M-DH chipset and its top performance can meet the needs of general offices, SOHO and household consumers as well as comprehensive supports for Viiv™ technology. It is designed based on Micro ATX standard specification and is one of the most popular and mainstream products among MoDT series motherboards. Also, i945GTt-VFA also uses i945GT+ICH7M-DH chipset but is designed based on the specific Flex ATX (mini ITX) to reduce the motherboard size dramatically. It retains related scalability that desktop computers require within its compact design, second only to the AOpen MiniPC. It also supports all Viiv™ technology! It is ideal for those who demand for scalability and compact size.