Galaxy Technology Launches 7900 GS

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

This newest VGA accelerator based on nVidia 7xxx family chipset is a great connector

between mid-range and high-end cards.
For a reasonable money you can get a card which is equipped in all latest features, that a
VGA can have at the moment.

One more time Galaxy managed to create a unique card, far from being a reference board.
It’s easy to recognize Galaxy by a blue PCB, and a fancy cooling solution.
This time Galaxy went further and give you a choice. ZALMAN and Cooler Master- two
worldwide leading manufacturers of cooling assembly, designed special fan constructions
to chill the power of the card.
The card is equipped with ultra fast DDR3 1.2ns memory modules: 256 Mb, or 512Mb
working with the stunning frequency of 1500MHz.

In addiction you’ll find the highest quality components, gold-platted pins and a
BuzzerAlarm, all together to keep your card A1 quality product.
The hart-core of the product is beating with 540 MHz , factory overclocked, combined with
20 pipelines architecture makes a product more than just WANTED.