Tenomichi releases 3D Media Center with Nvidia PureVideo DVD Decoder

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

SUNNYVALE, CA-October 10, 2006 – Tenomichi, the worlds leader in D3D Video, teams up with NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) today to announce the release of 3D Media Center its new GPU powered entertainment software.


3D Media Center uses computer games technology to create a completely new 3D user interface on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Media Center Edition and Windows Vista.

3D Media Center bridges the gap between games and multimedia by using the GPU to create a completely 3D interface that includes a 3D carousel, a DVD player powered by NVIDIA’s PureVideo decoder, a video editor with computer games special effects, a photo editor capable of manipulating the highest resolution photos, video transfer to mobile phones, Sony’s PSP and Apple’s iPOD and can be operated by standard remote controls.

„Tenomichi has, for the first time, combined two of Microsoft’s core technologies DirectX and Direct Show to create a new multimedia engine called 3D Experience“ said Richard Faria, Tenomichi’s President and CEO. „This engine has been used to create 3D Media Center, the most advanced 3D application available in the world“ he said „3D interfaces provide the consumer with a fully immersive experience that blends the boundaries between interface and rich media. All consumer applications will follow our lead into 3D; it’s inevitable because it’s more natural.“

3D Media Center includes „Automatic Updates“ keeping customers up to date with the latest version of our software and providing free new features. Customers will also receive Tenomichi’s Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) module free of charge when it is released in Q4 with SD and HD playback of cable, satellite and digital terrestrial.

3D Media Center will be further enhanced by the release of Windows Vista and DirectX 10.

3D Media Center can be obtained for free from www.tenomichi.com.