GlacialLight launches LED – T8 Tube light

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

November.07 2008 – Taipei, Taiwan – GlacialTech Inc today announces the availability of T8 Light Emitting Diode (LED) light tubes – the LED T8 tubes come in ten models which range in brightness according to the number of LED’s present over the length of the tube. The three sizes of tube vary in length from 580mm to 1198mm to the longest which stands at 1498mm. The LED T8 Tubes are designed to replace the equivalent Fluorescent Lamps (FL) available in markets today. Using lower wattage compared with the original product (Input varies between 9.5W on the low brightness model to 24W on the high brightness model). GlacialTech uses extremely high quality components designed for high brightness and long life span. The lumens start at 480lm at a flux of 60 lm/W on the shorter lower light versions while the high brightness longest T8 Tubes are an incredibly bright 2560lm at 80lm/W flux.


The innovative product incorporates the same structure and style of traditional FL tubes but delivers a brighter performance per watt, with less heat radiation and few of the pitfalls faced by traditional FL tubes. The LED T8 Tubes can be used for general everyday use for indoor applications or outdoor applications, and incorporates all the latest luminary technology garnered from GlacialTech’s unique resources; combining years of experience in designing cooling systems as well as all manner of consumer electronic device power supplies.

Low power consumption; high brightness with long life
GlacialTech LED-T8 tubes use Super High-brightness LED emitters that consume between 9W on the smaller models up to 24W on the larger models. As a result, the LED-T8 tube luminaries are much cooler within a range of -20 to +40⁰C. The LED-T8 tubes, using a fraction of the power, are a safe, green environmentally friendly solution which reduces global emissions through reduced power consumption. The efficient cooling structure of the tubes is optimally designed to keep the >50000hr longevity of the device intact, while maintaining full brightness for longer.

Accepting an Input voltage of 90-240V (AC), with between 9Watts to 24Watts power consumption (Model dependant). The diameter is 25mm at a length of 580mm on four models varying in brightness, with a further four models at 1198mm length, and lastly another two models at 1498mm. The weight varies between 0.25kg’s to 0.65kg’s. Essentially these products are designed to fit into standard FL assemblies, and thus replace traditional tubes without any inconvenience to the user.

GlacialLight, the new sub-brand of GlacialTech will leverage the GlacialLight products to be better and higher in quality than competing products using high quality heatsinks, specialized power units and Light Emitting Diode (LED) luminaries, giving them longer life (in some cases excess of 50 000hrs with higher lumen throughout the lifecycle.