Awarding Winning Fan-less Cooler – Thermaltake WavX 13″ & 15″

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Nov, 2008 – Normally, aluminum notebook coolers have good heat-dissipating abilities but they are usually too big and heavy. Therefore the user cannot take it everywhere. Thermaltake has recently launched a new innovative product, the WavX series notebook cooler which holds the solution to these problems. The WavX cooler weighs only 385g in 13″ and 492g in 15″ formats and its foldable structure allows it to be easily carried everywhere you go.


With their distinctive design and features, the WavX 13″ cooler won the 2008 iF Design Award in China. The ergonomic and elevating design also reduces eye-strain and typing discomfort. With a quality aluminum silver finish, the WavX balances the air convection and directs airflow toward the heat source for fast heat dissipation, avoiding any chance of system crash cause by heat. The fan-less design provides you with absolute silence and extended notebook battery life.

The WavX wide-screen series notebook cooler supports 10″~15″ Mac/ PC notebooks and perfectly matches your style.