Patriot’s DDR3 Tri-Channel Maximizes the Technology for the Intel Core i7

Patriot Doubles the Bandwidth for Tri-Channel Viper with 12GBs

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Fremont, California, USA, April 9, 2009 – Patriot Memory, a global provider of premium quality memory modules and flash memory solutions, today announced their DDR3 12GB Tri-Channel Viper kit.


Designed specifically for the Intel® Core™ i7 processor/Intel® X58 Express Chipset, the Patriot Viper 12GB kit has been built to excel for the Core™ i7 triple channel tehcnology. The Patriot Viper 12GB are hand tested extensively on X58 motherboards to ensure maximum compatibility and supreme quality. The kits will be offered in 1333MHz and come in both CL7 and CL9. „With all memory slots utilized in all three channels, the Core™ i7 brings the effectiveness of a server to mainstream desktops, and for a fraction of the price, says Benny Chea, Patriot Memory’s Applications Engineer. Mr. Chea went on to say, „Multi-applications users will appreciate the increased bandwidth.“

Product Information: