SPARKLE Introduced GeForce 210 Graphics Card

Provide a More Compact Entry-Level Graphics Solutions

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan – October 12, 2009 – SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer

and supplier, today introduced the SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card. Based on 40nm GeForce 210
graphics chip,SPARKLE 210 Graphics Card with more compact size to bring impressive graphics processing
power for entry-level users and HTPC enthusiasts.

  • Advanced Rendering Architecture
    Based on NVIDIA’s latest generation architecture, the SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card adopts
    innovative unified architecture, dynamically allocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics, or
    pixel shading operations, delivering superior graphics processing power. Built upon technologies such
    as NVIDIA Lumenex Engine, providing support for DirectX 10.1 Shader Model 4.0, NVIDIA Quantum
    Effects technology for physics computation and GigaThread Technology for extreme processing
    efficiency in advanced, next generation shader programs.

  • 40nm Process
    Taking the power consumption and performance increase into account, SPARKLE GeForce 210
    Graphics Card features 40nm chip process from TSMC. The advanced 40nm process significantly
    reduces the power consumption and GPU core temperature of the SPARKLE GeForce 210
    Graphics Cards, making them to be energy-saving products and protecting our enviroments.
    Thanks to the 40nm process, the SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card feature higher working
    speeds, the core speeds are raised to 589MHz, the shader clocks are raised to 1402MHz, these
    speeds exaltation can brings amazing floating point processing power for good gaming performance
    and powerful performance ever from the unit area of the chip!

  • 512MB Large Video Memory
    Today‘s game, such as Crysis, Alone in the Dark 5, Stalker: clear sky, they normally use a large
    number of bump texture, transparent texture to describe faces of characters and render realistic
    gaming scenes, so these games put higher demands on the capacities of video memory. The
    current situation demands at least 512 MB video memory to run these games. SPARKLE GeForce
    210 Graphics Card come with 512MB large DDR2 video memory can let users to pass the 3DMark
    Vantage High Test which strictly demand at least 512MB video memory, providing much more
    detail information to users for better understanding its graphics capability.

  • Low Profile Design
    Consummately designed low profile, the PCB height of SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card is
    6cm,only half the height of ordinary Graphic Cards with full profile design, which makes SPARKLE
    GeForce 210 Graphics Card to be the best partners for HTPC. HTPC enthusiasts don’t need to
    worry about the inconvenience caused by narrow space chassis and full profile designed graphics
    cards. With low profile design, SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card not only can easily meet the
    HD video playback and DX10 gaming demand from HTPC users, but also can easily satisfy the
    requirements from SSF, mini-chassis and industry PCs which demand compact and practical
    graphic cards.

  • Cooling System
    Exquisitely made cooling fans which have high performance thermal compound ensures optimal
    thermal dissipation even after years of use.

  • Experience Vivid DX10.1 Graphics
    Experience the vivid DX10.1 gaming graphics at good frame rates, or go beyond traditional 3D
    graphics experience , Stereoscopic 3D, and lightning fast video and image processing. All you need is the SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card with full DirectX 10.1 and full Shader Model 4.1 support, delivering unparalleled levels of graphics realism and film-quality effects.

  • Premium Windows 7 Experience
    Graphics cards are an essential element of today’s PCs, enabling more visual and more interactive experiences. As a leading manufacturer in graphics cards market, SPARKLE worked closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows 7 to ensure that its graphics cards take full advantage of the great new features and functionality. If you use your PC to enhance photos, watch or edit videos, play
    games, or if you simply desire a fast and efficient graphical interface, SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card will surely delight your senses and offer a premium experience for Windows 7.

  • Direct Compute and OpenCL Support
    SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card fully supports Direct Compute, Microsoft’s GPU computing
    API and OpenCL GPU computing API made and released by Khronos Group. Direct Compute and
    OpenCL let any application tap into the vast gigaflops of GPU computing power previously available
    only to graphics applications.

  • 2nd Generation Pure Video HD
    With 1080p support HDMI output, SPARKLE GeForce 210 Graphics Card has High-definition video
    decoder and post-processor which delivering unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video and
    accurate color for movies and video. Hardware decode acceleration provides ultra-smooth playback
    of H.264, VC-1, WMV, DivX, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 HD and SD movies without the need for a dual
    or quad-core CPU. Dual-stream hardware acceleration supports picture-in-picture content for the
    ultimate interactive Blu-ray and HD DVD movie experience.

  • NVIDIA™CUDA Technology
    CUDA technology unlocks the power of the GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most
    demanding system tasks such as video transcoding delivering up to 7x performance over traditional