Leading GUI Performance Benchmark Released – Basemark GUI Free Now Available for Consumers

Rightware releases free edition of Basemark® GUI with Power Board access to enable online device performance comparison for consumers

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ESPOO, Finland – August 13, 2012 – Rightware®, a leader in embedded user interface (UI) technologies, today announced the release of Basemark® GUI Free, a consumer-version of the industry’s standard graphical user interface rendering benchmark product. Basemark® GUI Free for Android-based devices is available at Google Play today, and the iOS version will be available at the Apple App Store in the near future. The original Basemark® GUI is one of the most widely adopted benchmarking software for mobile phones, tablets and other embedded devices.


Basemark® GUI Free offers a true graphical user interface benchmark for application developers and consumers who want to measure how fast their device’s hardware performs in the context of graphical user interfaces. Basemark® GUI Free measures the 3D graphics rendering performance of the device’s graphics processing unit (GPU) focusing in Vertex Streaming and Blending capabilities.

Basemark® GUI Free offers versatile result generation in the form of off-screen, vertex streaming, blending and overall test scores. The off-screen score is generated from tests where data is rendered into a 720p-sized ‘virtual screen’ in order to enable an objective comparison of devices with different screen resolutions. The vertex streaming test streams a large amount of vertices to the GPU and indicates how the device would perform in similar situation, for example, running a navigation software with 3D acceleration. The blending test measures the capability for rendering multiple transparent objects on top of each other.

Basemark® GUI Free is a portion of the full product, Basemark® GUI, which was developed in close cooperation with the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers and semiconductor companies. Basemark® GUI has been licensed by major phone and tablet manufacturers as well as the most prominent semiconductor companies and therefore can be considered an industry standard and well endorsed by the industry. After running the benchmark, consumers can easily check how the performance of their device compares to other devices with the integrated Power Board online service.

Access to Basemark GUI Free and Power Board
Basemark® GUI Free is readily available and it can be downloaded from Google Play: please search for “Rightware” or “Basemark”. Alternatively, you can access Basemark® GUI Free from Rightware’s website.

More information about Power Board can be found at www.rightware.com or it can be accessed through the Basemark® GUI Free, or through direct address: results.rightware.com

Basemark® GUI Free product and Power Board service are targeted only for consumer and independent media use, and any commercial use is strictly forbidden.