Vivaldi 4.0: Vivaldi Translate and the beta of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader are here

With its biggest launch of the year, the Vivaldi browser aims to give users a real alternative to Big Tech. Today’s update expands its integrated tools with major additions: Vivaldi Translate and the much-awaited beta of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader.

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

OSLO, Norway – June 9th, 2021: A pivotal moment has arrived. Vivaldi Technologies launches its biggest release this year – Vivaldi 4.0 arrives on Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and Android devices.


Vivaldi on desktop and Android now offer Vivaldi Translate, a built-in, privacy-friendly translation service, powered by Lingvanex and hosted by Vivaldi, keeping translations out of the reach of companies like Google or Microsoft.

The eagerly-awaited beta versions of Vivaldi Mail with Vivaldi Feed Reader and Vivaldi Calendar are now available on desktop. While Vivaldi Mail Beta works with existing mail and calendar services, users can also choose to set up an account on or add a trusted third-party service, such as Fastmail.

Truly, with Vivaldi 4.0, Vivaldi is making it easier to break away from the locked ecosystems and creepy, surveillance-driven practices of huge corporations.

„A growing movement of people worldwide is looking for reliable, functional alternatives to the tools offered by the tech giants. Vivaldi meets that need – and more – with an expanded set of integrated features that will give you more control of your data and your workflow. Simply put, the era of trusting Big Tech is over“, Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner says.

Download Vivaldi 4.0 on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, mobile phones and tablets running Android 5 or higher, and on up-to-date Chromebooks.

  • Vivaldi Translate. On both desktop and Android. What makes it different is that it is hosted on our servers in Iceland. No more creepy tracking of your translation activity!
  • Vivaldi Mail Beta. Limited choices have locked a lot of us into the ecosystems of Big Tech. But with the Vivaldi Mail, you have a choice. You have privacy. And a more organized you! beta to follow sites you enjoy and trust, with no fluff – and no spying.
  • Vivaldi Feed Reader Beta. Use Vivaldi Feed Reader to follow sites you enjoy and trust, with no fluff – and no spying.
  • Vivaldi Calendar Beta. This Beta version of our simple, powerful calendar allows you to fine-tune your schedule just the way you want, so you never miss a thing.