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Windows OS is the basis for the operation of the computer. The only problem: it’s too expensive for most people. Of course, there may be some free computer operating systems, and those versions cannot guarantee stability, compatibility, etc. For the user, Windows OS is still your first choice. Godeal24, there is a way for you to get genuine Windows OS and MS Office at the lowest price! How can it be possible at such a low price? Godeal24 sells Microsoft Office and Windows licenses online at discounted prices. Resale of used licenses purchased by Godeal24 from companies that no longer use them. Godeal24 guarantees the safety and legality of every license sold! And in the case of a dematerialized license, there are no logistics and warehousing costs, which further reduces costs. Of course, this is a completely legal process, governed by European legislation. The licenses sold on the Godeal24 website are perpetual: once you use the activation key, you can use it for the entire software life!


In Godeal24’s Q1 Sale, we’ve rounded up the most popular products of the first quarter for you! Windows 10 is still the first choice for most users, now you can buy Windows 10 from 6.06€ per PC and Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus from 15.20€ per PC! Don’t forget to use the discount code, it’s yours! Windows OS 50% off! MS Office 62% off!

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Both Windows 11 and Windows 10 have high popularity. Windows 10 is still a cost-effective choice, and the ultra-low price can still meet the needs of daily use. As the latest version of Windows 11, there are still many new features to explore.

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On Godeal24.com, you can get MS Office and its bundle keys with Windows OS at lower price around 15.2.0€~44.55€ , MS Office & Operating System Bundle (Higher discounts with coupon code “SGO62“)

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Why Godeal24?

Godeal24 is a reseller of major IT security software, allowing you to purchase Windows OS and Office, as well as commonly used PC tools software at great prices! Licenses are 100% authentic: Godeal24 buys these licenses from companies that no longer use them and transfers them to individuals, Godeal24 knows the “history” of every license it sells, so end users can use them without problems. (judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 2012, C-128/2011) and then put them on the market at particularly advantageous prices. You just need to buy the product you want on Godeal24, then, you will receive an email with all the necessary information to guide you to activate the product. You will find the order information corresponding to your purchase, as well as the digital key necessary to activate the product. After the software download is complete, you will need to enter this number sequence to activate your software. All you have to do is start using your new software! Godeal24 provides 24/7 technical support(Contact Email: service@godeal24.com)