Klevv Introduces CRAS V RGB Kit With DDR5-8400 With All-New Brilliant White Edition

Compatible with 14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processor & Z790 Chipset Platform

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

December 18th, 2023, Hong Kong – KLEVV, the premier consumer memory and storage brand introduced by Essencore, today is excited to unveil the all-new CRAS V RGB Brilliant White edition memory kit available in extreme high speed of 8200MT/s & 8400MT/s configurations.



As a testament to the immense popularity and growing demand for the CRAS V RGB memory kits, KLEVV has responded by introducing the long-awaited Brilliant White edition to its flagship memory lineup as well as two high-speed options for consumers. This new addition boasts striking aesthetics by keeping the tone-on-tone design, and upholds the exceptional performance standards synonymous with the CRAS V RGB series, solidifying its position as the preferred choice among enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Meticulously engineered for high-speed operation, KLEVV’s CRAS V RGB memory kits deliver outstanding performance with remarkable speed options of 8200MT/s (featuring timings of 38-49-49-131) and 8400MT/s (with timings of 40-52-52-134), all while operating efficiently at a voltage of 1.45V. Below screenshot demonstrates the test result of 8400MT/s kit using AIDA64 Cache & Memory Benchmark tool.

“Please note that memory bandwidth test results may vary due to factors such as hardware configurations, BIOS versions, system settings, or test parameters.”

KLEVV’s CRAS V RGB memory kits deliver impressive, industry-leading clock values, reducing operational delays and enhancing overall system performance, leading the memory industry with superior hardware and cutting-edge technology.

These specifications are accessible in the Obsidian Black edition and the newly unveiled Brilliant White edition memory kits, both available in a 24GBx2 configuration.


The CRAS V RGB series memory kits boast comprehensive compatibility with the latest Intel 14th Gen Core Desktop Processors & Z790 chipset platform, and also support for Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO overclocking profiles. These memory kits exhibit extraordinary synergy with a wide range of popular motherboards and have earned resounding success by passing the QVL tests of major mainstream motherboard manufacturers. The flagship memory lineup of KLEVV offers blazing-fast performance, broad compatibility, and various dual-channel configurations of 16GBx2, 24GBx2, and 32GBx2. It’s ideal for users seeking high-speed, reliable memory solutions with sleek, modern aesthetics.


The CRAS V RGB Brilliant White edition memory kits and high-speed modules will be available from the end of December 2023, KLEVV products are distributed by Integral Memory plc in the United Kingdom/ France/ Spain/ Germany. Consumers may visit Amazon sites for online purchase.