Biostar Introduces The BIAST-PAT Industrial Motherboard

Unrivaled SI Motherboard Solution For AIoT, Automation, Edge Computing, And More

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BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, storage devices, and IPC products, is excited to introduce the all-new BIAST-PAT industrial motherboard solution.


The BIAST-PAT motherboard is expertly designed to meet the diverse needs of System Integration (SI) businesses and industry professionals seeking to build robust, efficient, and future-proof systems for business and industrial applications. It is a highly versatile platform, perfectly suited for applications in AIOT machines, automation systems, edge computing devices, HMI machines, and digital signage.

The BIOSTAR BIAST-PAT motherboard, with its robust wide temperature and broad voltage support, is engineered to excel in a variety of demanding environments, making it a prime choice for numerous outdoor applications. Its design incorporates M.2 Key-M, Key-B, and Mini-PCIe slots, offering exceptional versatility in connectivity options. This compatibility extends to Hailo AI acceleration cards, further enhancing its edge AI utility.

The BIAST-PAT is perfectly suited for integrating EV charging stations, kiosks, refrigerated factories, and other industrial settings requiring reliable, high-performance solutions. Furthermore, It offers a choice between the robust onboard Intel Amston Lake and Alder Lake N N97 processors, ensuring potent performance alongside energy efficiency. Moreover, the motherboard confidently supports a range of display outputs, including LVDS or eDP, HDMI, and DP, catering to a diverse array of display needs.

The BIAST-PAT boasts an impressive array of features, including support for M.2 Hailo-8 AI Accelerators, up to 26 TOPS for AI computing performance, and a range of connectivity options such as 2x Intel I226 GbE LAN, USB3.2 Gen2, USB2.0, RS232/422/485, and SATAIII. Its support for a wide range of temperatures (-40 to 85 degrees Celsius) and typical 9-24V DC input ensures that the motherboard performs consistently in harsh environments.

This industrial motherboard offers essential features for system integration businesses, providing an effective platform for systems that manage customer contact details, transaction history, and business processes. Its seamless compatibility with accelerators and GPUs through PCIe slots is highly beneficial for AIOT machine builders, allowing for the smooth integration of communication modules. Automation professionals will find its compatibility with diverse processors particularly valuable, enabling real-time control tasks, data processing, and device communication.

If you are delving into Edge Computing, the BIAST-PAT offers reliable and high-speed communication through its network interfaces. It also supports various storage interfaces essential for local data processing and caching. HMI machine developers will find the motherboard’s multiple connectivity options, including USB ports, Ethernet, and serial ports, beneficial for connecting peripherals used in POS and kiosk systems. Additionally, digital signage enthusiasts will appreciate the extended reliability, durability, and system stability of the BIAST-PAT, as it ensures compatibility with various operating systems and provides expansion slots for adding specialized hardware components effortlessly.

BIOSTAR’s BIAST-PAT motherboard is an exceptional solution for industrial applications, delivering unparalleled performance, versatility, and reliability. It is the ideal choice for businesses and professionals seeking to build sophisticated, high-performance systems capable of meeting the demands of today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.