S3 Graphics Announces the GammaChrome Family

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S3 Graphics Announces the GammaChrome Family

Offering DirectX native PCI Express interface solutions for all segments in Desktop and Mobile graphics will simplify and reduce the cost of adopting the latest generation technologies

CeBIT, Hannover, Germany March 18, 2004 – S3 Graphics Co., Ltd, a leading supplier to the 3D graphics accelerator market, today announced the arrival of the GammaChrome family of next generation graphics processors. Demonstrating full commitment to the PCI Express initiative, S3 Graphics is providing high quality, natively integrated PCI Express technology for all products instead of the ‘bridge’ technology offered by many competitors. Native solutions provide far more ‘built-in’ reliability and performance with the clear cost advantage of omitting a bridge device.

A full line of GammaChrome graphics processors will be provided starting from the high end utilizing the latest fabrication technology to boast blazing speeds and solid performance, while the mainstream product will feature the balanced performance/cost/features that have defined this highly competitive segment.

Both the high-end and mainstream segments will feature the exciting next generation Chromotion 2.0 programmable video engine with new capabilities to enrich the video playback experience, increasingly important in today’s PCs and Media Center PCs. S3 Graphics will also integrate their sought-after Hi-Def native HDTV output technology to compliment the Chromotion 2.0 engine. Finally, a value line of the GammaChrome will be available for the enthusiast who wants to share in the PCI Express experience without the high cost associated with newly developed technologies.

“Our true native PCI Express solutions for the GPU market will facilitate our customers’ move to PCI Express. GammaChrome’s excellent graphics, Chromotion 2.0 video and Hi-Def capabilities will make them glad they did,” said Dr. Gerry Liu, VP of Marketing at S3 Graphics.

“Intel is working closely with companies such as S3 Graphics on the development of PCI Express technology for the benefit of our mutual customers. We are pleased to see S3 Graphics embrace this exciting new I/O technology in their product offerings,” said Bob Gregory, Director of Initiative Planning from Intel Corporation.

GammaChrome based products are expected to be available Q3 2004 in retail add-in-card as well as OEM desktop/notebook personal computers.

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