Silverstone’s new desktop SST-CW01B-WDR

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

The CW01-WD is created for HTPC and PC enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the powerful layout from SilverStone’s top-of-the-line LC18 enclosure with full view of the glorious Raptor X hard drive from Western Digital. This special edition all aluminium case has multiple user adjustments such as reversible PSU mounting position and multitude of hard drive mounting positions to accommodate a wide range of add-on and graphics cards. The simple but purposeful front panel is highlighted with a full set of gold-plated 1/ 4” audio jacks, front I/O ports, and a precision-cut acrylic window to showcase the Raptor X. If you are looking for the ultimate media server chassis for the ultimate enthusiast hard drive, look no further than the SilverStone CW01-WD.

  • Special front panel window for Western Digital Raptor X hard drive
  • Premium, all aluminium construction
  • Special 1/ 4” jacks for high end audio equipment support
  • Compatible with Sound Blaster Live!/Audigy/X-Fi
  • Exceptional versatility in storage space
  • Built-in 52-in-1 card reader
  • Rack mount ready

High End finishing and Accessories such as I/O connectors make the case to a perfect part a modern living room. Product available from week 46 in stock in Hamburg. SRP 279,00 € net. Only black version is planned for first.