Thermaltake new V1R RAM cooler – Extension of the legendary V1

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

November, 2007 – With the increased demands from the PC Enthusiasts and the increased RAM frequency, the thermal management issues of DDR Ram have become more and more important. After the successful introduction of the memory cooler, Spirit RX, at the beginning of 2007, Thermaltake is now launching another new RAM cooler – V1R.


V1R RAM cooler extended the astounding Dual-VTM architecture of the well-liked V1 CPU cooler; the V shaped copper fins are combined with the copper heatpipe to achieve maximum heat transfer from the memory module. At the same time, great features of Spirit RS have also been remained; like the patent heatpipe thermal module, aluminum extruded heat spreader that increased the heat dissipation surface, and the adjustable heatpipe thermal module to avoid structural interference for maximized mechanical fitting compatibility.

V1R memory cooler is for the application of both DDR and DDR2 RAM. Two sets of thermal pads of different thicknesses are included for the application on both the single-sided and double-sided memory modules.

Thermaltake continues to lead the global heat sink market with better product performance, quality and stylish design. The new V1R RAM Cooler is not only the best choice for memory module thermal management, but will also be an extra aesthetic touch of personal style on your system!