Thermaltake Bigwater 780—New Upgraded Easy & Efficient 3U Drive Bay Liquid Cooling System

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Nov, 2008 – The easy installation and space saving design of Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Systems are always very much appreciated by liquid cooling users. In order to keep your cooling device upgraded for the most advanced gamer platforms today, Thermaltake has introduced the new 3U drive bay liquid cooling system today — Bigwater 780, satisfying all players who look for only the extreme perfections.


Bigwater 780 is an all-in-one device that has every little detailed parts carefully designed. You will be able to monitor the coolant circulations from the front panel of your chassis. Bigwater 780 has a 530c.c. big water tank that keeps you carefree of coolant fulfilling troubles for a very long time. The coolant controlling works will also be very simple with the transparent design and easy fulfilling structure.

Pump can be seen as the heart of your liquid cooling system; if the pump does not have enough power, coolant will then be unable to reach all parts of your cooling loop. However, Bigwater 780 comes with the P500 pump, reaching maximum circulation capacity to 500L/hr; this will allows the integrated cooling process of CPU, GPU, Memory, HDD and even chipsets, satisfying the future upgrading demands of liquid cooling players. And coming to the most important part of cooling performance, with the double racing car level radiators provide maximum cooling surface for the high end users.

Bigwater 780 satisfies the five core elements of cooling performance, space saving, easy installation and upgradability that you look for when selecting liquid cooling system at the same time. It can be said to be a dream hardware that not only fulfills our extreme pursuance natures but also represents our expertise in the most professional manner. Thermaltake’s new Bigwater 780 3U Drive Bay compact liquid cooling system is definitely going to be one iconic winner on the LCS market that you can not miss!