Silicon Power Announces Limited Edition USB Flash Drives ~ The Perfect Gift, A Diamond Flake

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

October 5, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan – More than “giving”, a gift reflects one’s personal style and taste! World flash leading manufacturer, Silicon Power today (10/5) announces limited editions of Touch852 and Luxmini323. Limited by the special and monumental date it represents. In addition to your blessings, give them a heartfelt present to make it extra special!


Touch 852 Snow Flake USB Flash Drive
Constructed from zinc alloy, its quality, ruggedness and unique hexagonal diamond cut surface is like the diamond flakes that resemble the beauty of the glistening snow!

The Silicon Power Touch852 is splendid and also robust. Considering ergonomics, the retractable USB port is user-friendly. Utilizing COB (Chip on Board) packaging process, Touch852 is waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof. It is the perfect gift or for personal use to store all personal, important and precious data!

Luxmini 323 Sparkle USB Flash Drive
Simple fashion stripes on a piano lacquer finished surface shows off its luxurious diamond flake design. Standing in a crowd of flashy techno-gadgets, its simplicity and grace outshines all! Utilizing a unibody design, the glistering gold frames outlines a simple structure and in the midst of darkness, it gives an aura of elegance!

To satisfy various customer needs has always been the goal Silicon Power strives for! In addition to its good looks, it also features Microsoft Windows7 compatibility and certifications for the highest quality. It comes with Lifetime warranty

The limited edition USB flash drives are designed and suited for all special occasion. Whether it is for anniversary or a gift, it combines technology, practicality and good looks that reflect the unique fashion sense of the giver while receivers can enjoy the one of a kind design Silicon Power has to offer!