Rightware Showcases OpenGL ES 3.0 Benchmark at SIGGRAPH 2012

Basemark® ES 3.0 Enables the Most Reliable and Objective Graphics Benchmarking for the New Graphics Standard in Embedded Devices

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

LOS ANGELES, California (SIGGRAPH 2012) – August 6, 2012 – Rightware Oy, a leader in embedded user interface (UI) technologies, is demonstrating its soon-to-be released Basemark® ES 3.0 benchmark product at SIGGRAPH 2012 at Booth #561. Basemark® ES 3.0 enables objective benchmarking of smartphones, tablets and other embedded devices that support the Khronos™ Group’s recently announced OpenGL® ES 3.0 graphics API. Having a long experience of OpenGL ES and development of benchmark products for the various Khronos Group’s APIs, Rightware’s Basemark® ES 3.0 enables device manufacturers, semiconductor companies and operators to measure and compare performance of different OpenGL ES 3.0 hardware platforms in a reliable and objective manner.


Basemark® ES 3.0 includes photorealistic graphics game tests to benchmark performance of the graphics hardware. OpenGL ES 3.0 API enables access to four simultaneous render targets, ability to apply antialiasing to render targets and provides more varied internal data types for render buffers such as floating point color targets. In addition, Basemark® ES 3.0 will utilize features such as 3D textures, instanced rendering, transform feedback and occlusion queries, all of which are provided with OpenGL ES 3.0.

Neil Trevett, President of Khronos Group and Vice President of Mobile Content at NVIDIA, says: “OpenGL ES 3.0 will become the de-facto graphics API for mobile devices and its advanced capabilities provide significant potential for its adopters to enable unprecedented user experiences in next-generation devices. As it is crucial for OpenGL ES 3.0 adopters to measure the performance of their implementations before going to market, the Khronos Group is pleased to see its member Rightware investing in their world-class benchmark to help the whole mobile ecosystem build better products.”

Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware, also sees the latest graphics standard as a major step forward for the whole embedded ecosystem: “The Khronos Group’s recently announced OpenGL ES 3.0 will become an all-important API for embedded devices in the very near future. While the development of OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible graphics hardware is feverishly going on within the industry, we’re happy to provide again the industry standard tool that enables all stakeholders to make informed decisions based on objective performance information. Basemark ES 3.0 continues our track record of providing the most trusted way for the industry to make the right product design decisions during any phase of development.”

Basemark® ES 3.0 is developed within the industry’s most impartial and transparent benchmark development program in close cooperation with the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, semiconductor companies and operators to ensure the most reliable and objective benchmark product. Basemark® ES 3.0 will support multiple software platforms, enabling its execution on any device supporting OpenGL ES 3.0. Most importantly, Basemark® ES 3.0 will produce objective and comparable results by offering the identical workload on all platforms.

Availability and Licensing
Basemark® ES 3.0 is already available for Rightware’s Benchmark Development Program (BDP) members as source code. Interested companies are encouraged to join the BDP. More information about Rightware BDP can be found at the Rightware website.