EVGA “doubles up” its Step-Up Program to 180 days

Special promotion gives end users greater flexibility to upgrade to better performing products - Includes exemption from purchase of Extended Warranty

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16 October 2012, Gräfelfing, Germany – EVGA is doubling up the terms of its Step-Up® Program in Europe1 for a limited time only. From 16 October to 21 December 2012, end users who purchase an EVGA graphics card2 or motherboard2, are able to participate in EVGA’s Step-Up® Program within a 180-day period3, instead of the standard 90 days.


The Step-Up® Program enables an end user to trade-in an EVGA product within the specified timeframe and upgrade to a select, greater performing EVGA graphics card or motherboard.

End users are only required to make up the difference (plus shipping both ways) between what they paid for the original product, and the price of the ‘upgrade product’ on EVGA’s online store4 http://eu.evga.com/products/prodlist.asp.

For the duration of the promotion, end users are also exempt from the requirement to purchase Extended Warranty5 to qualify for the Step-Up® (which is a condition of EVGA’s standard 90-day Step-Up® Program).

“Our Step-Up Program is one of the many benefits available to end users when they join the EVGA community,” said Lee Rossiter, European Sales Director, EVGA. “The Step-Up Program protects the investment an end user makes in an EVGA product, and gives them the opportunity to upgrade to a higher performance EVGA graphics card or motherboard. This promotion enables our end users to have the flexibility to ‘trade up’ through pretty much the first half of 2013,” explained Rossiter, adding: “It’s an incredible promotion – we’ve even waived the requirement to purchase Extended Warranty for the duration of the promo.

“This is just one example of an increasing number of promotions, competitions, and prize giveaways across our websites, forums, and social media, as EVGA rapidly expands in Europe.

“Here we are talking about the launch of the Step-Up promotion, while there’s also an EVGA All Servers Gaming Event* that got underway this week. It’s a global promotion with some incredible prizes such as a top-of-the-range gaming system, Intel® CPUs and SSDs, gaming bundles from Razer™, EVGA graphics cards and motherboards. It’s not a competition or a tournament, it’s just an opportunity to get gaming and have some fun… and be in with a chance to win some great prizes.

“At EVGA, there is no hard sell. We’re more focused on ensuring our growing community of users is having the best experience they possibly can, with the investment they’ve made with us. The promotions, competitions, gaming events, and prize giveaways… are a way for EVGA to say ‘thank you’ and give back to our community.”

Find out more about EVGA’s 180-day Step-Up® promotion here: http://eu.evga.com/articles/00708/

What are the benefits of Step-Up®?

  • 100% peace of mind when purchasing a new product
  • Opportunity to easily upgrade to the latest products
  • Great value – just pay the difference (plus shipping)
  • The Step-Up® Program protects your investment

For more information on the process based on our standard 90-day Step-Up® Program, please read our detailed FAQ, and terms and conditions, at: http://eu.evga.com/support/stepup/

To participate in the 180-day Step-Up® promotion, end users must purchase select products by 21 December 2012 when the promotion ends. But if they choose to Step-Up® it means they could participate in the Step-Up® Program itself right through to May or June 2013 for example, depending on the date of the original product purchase.

1 This special 180-day Step-Up promotion is available to residents of EU and EEA countries, and Switzerland.
2 Check the full terms and conditions, as only select models qualify for Step-Up®, and only select models are available for upgrade options.
3 This promotion is available 16 October 2012 to 21 December 2012, which means that product purchase must be within that timeframe. You can opt to Step-Up within 180 days of the product purchase date, so for example, if you purchase on 01 December 2012, we suggest you aim to Step-Up by May 2013.
4 The price of the ‘upgrade product’ as shown on the EVGA EU online store is validated on the day the Step-Up request is received.
5 You may still wish to purchase Extended Warranty to protect your product, should you choose to never use the Step-Up option. You can find out more about Extended Warranty here: http://eu.evga.com/support/warranty/extended.asp. If you do purchase Extended Warranty, then you may still use the promotion special to Step-Up within 180 days of your purchase. Find out more about EVGA’s warranties here: http://eu.evga.com/support/warranty/.

For further assistance on the EVGA Step-Up Program, email our Customer Support team at supporteu@evga.com, or phone + between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 CET, Monday to Friday. Or call our US support number 24/7 on +1 888-881-3842.

*The EVGA All Servers Gaming Event commences the week of 15 October 2012. Find out more here: http://eu.evga.com/articles/00710/