ENERMAX Rolls out LIQTECH TR4 280 Cooler Tailor-made for Threadripper CPUs

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

December 5, 2017, Taoyuan, Taiwan – ENERMAX, the designer and manufacturer of high-end PC power supplies and CPU coolers, announces a new addition to its acclaimed LIQTECH TR4 cooler lineup, LIQTECH TR4 280. LIQTECH TR4 closed-loop liquid coolers are tailor-made for the top-end enthusiast AMD® Threadripper CPUs. In addition to the base plate that can 100% cover the Threadripper’s IHS (integrated heat spreader), LIQTECH TR4 features the patented Shunt-Channel-Technology (SCT) and the exclusive EF1 pump with super high flow rate to deliver unbeatable 500W+ TDP for heavily overclocked CPUs and demanding HEDT systems.


The 1st and Only AIO Liquid Cooler with 100% IHS Coverage of AMD Threadripper CPUs
ENERMAX LIQTECH TR4 series are the first and only all-in-one water coolers on the market with a base plate that covers entire integrated heat spreader of the AMD’s massive processors. The custom-engineered design effectively enhances greater heat transfer efficiency and faster dissipation, which makes LIQTECH TR4 the best cooling choice for the AMD’s high-core-count CPUs.

The Most Powerful AIO Cooler in Its Class with Incredible 500W+ TDP
LIQTECH TR4 AIO water coolers offer ultra-high TDP of 500W+; the powerful cooling beast can manage a huge amount of heat generated by the heavily overclocked CPUs. To achieve the superior cooling performance, LIQTECH TR4 employs the ENERMAX EF1 pump, a robust pump with high flow rate up to 450 L/h, which is about 7 times more powerful than its peers. Furthermore, the lineup is also equipped with the patented SCT; this proven cooling technology can prevent the formation of the boundary layer and enhance the liquid flow inside the cold-plate, helps reduce the formation of hot spots effectively.

Your Best AMD Threadripper AIO Coolers. Delivered!
Building on the success of ENERMAX LIQTECH TR4 360 and 240, the new LIQTECH TR4 280 will continue to impress the world with its unmatched cooling performance; the new addition will be available at stores around late December 2017. For more detailed information, please visit our website, and you may also go to our YouTube channel to watch the LIQTECH TR4 video.