Apple präsentiert stärksten iMac Pro mit Radeon Pro Vega Grafik

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Today, Apple’s new iMac Pro hit shelves with a new graphics chip: AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega. As Apple notes on their website – ‘Vega graphics. The beast behind the beauty.’


With Radeon Pro Vega graphics, the iMac Pro delivers best-in-class workstation graphics to enhance workflows for today’s professionals and creators—from photographers and video editors to 3D animators and engineers—by using the latest in graphics technology to fuel modern creative efforts from anywhere inspiration strikes. Key advancements with Radeon Pro Vega include:

  • Revolutionary memory. With 16GB of High Bandwidth Memory, the iMac Pro delivers performance up to two times faster than any previous iMac GPU and up to three times faster than the Mac Pro GPU. This also translates to higher frame rates for VR, real-time 3D rendering and gameplay at max settings.
  • Updated GPU processing units. Single- and half-precision computing allow operations to be performed twice as fast when they don’t require a full 32 bits of precision. How fast is this? Up to 22 teraflops.

The reviews are already in from the experts – creators who’ve had the chance to test the new iMac Pro touted the major improvements to performance and their workflows with Radeon Pro Vega graphics, letting them bring their visions to life without barriers or compromise.

  • Craig Hunter, a mechanical and aerospace engineer, summarized the iMac Pro as a “graphics powerhouse — I continually marveled at how crisp and clean everything was rendered with no apparent overhead or impact on performance.
  • Video editor Thomas Carter found, “I’ll repeat that once more. 8K. Color correction. Blur. No Rendering. No ‘1/4 quality’ BS. No frames dropped.
  • Vincent Laforet, a photographer and director, experienced a two to three times boost in speed in his workflows. He concluded, “In short – this is a KILLER machine for any serious photographer, filmmaker, or VR producer. Period.
  • Mac and iOS app developer Cabel Sasser’s described testing FireWatch with the iMac Pro and the Retina 5K iMac, resulting in 62 FPS at 2560×1440. He also witnessed a 41 percent boost in compiling Xcode projects on the iMac Pro compared to a standard Mac Pro.