Introducing the Procyon One-Hour Battery Consumption Benchmark

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We’re excited to announce our Procyon One-Hour Battery Consumption Benchmark, which launches today. The Procyon One-Hour Battery Consumption Benchmark simplifies the process of testing the impact that software and system settings have on the battery life of a PC or Mac.


This update also features the release of a multi-platform version of the Battery Life Benchmark, allowing you to compare the Battery Life of macOS and Windows devices.

The portable devices of today have many settings and optimizations that affect battery consumption, impacting device use time and productivity. Identifying what software and settings can significantly impact a device’s battery life is becoming more important, particularly with the world shifting to a more mobile, hybrid work environment.

IT managers for enterprises and those working in industry need quick and easy methods for understanding the power consumption impact of potentially large libraries of software. With an industry-standard full-drain battery life benchmark, this can involve days or even weeks of testing.

The Procyon One-Hour Battery Consumption Benchmark provides a quick and easy way to understand the effect that software or settings changes can have on device power draw, whether it’s driver and OS updates, security and enterprise device management software, power-saving settings or even reducing the screen’s brightness.

Each scenario in the benchmark is built around real-world workloads, developed as one-hour standardized versions of our Procyon Battery Life Benchmark Office Productivity, Video and Idle scenarios. The built-in calibration tool on Windows helps prevent user settings like automatic screen brightness settings from affecting results.

If you need an in-depth profile of a computer’s battery life, we still recommend our Procyon Battery Life Benchmark.

While the One-Hour Battery Consumption Benchmark provides detailed results for measuring the impact of software on power drain for a single device, battery level reporting and system power draw may vary based on the battery level. This means results cannot and should not be extrapolated for battery life comparisons.