ADATA Wins Fifth Consecutive “Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards” & Sets Another Sustainability Milestone

ADATA Drives Sustainable Development through ESG Achievements

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ADATA Technology has been recognized by the “Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards” for five consecutive years for “successfully promoting sustainable development and embracing a spirit of corporate sustainability!” The “Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards” is Asia’s most iconic and influential ESG award which recognizes companies’ outstanding achievements in sustainable development and is contested by xxx across Asia.


ADATA espouses the concept of “Innovate Today, Embrace Tomorrow” and aims to create a sustainable future, initiating comprehensive sustainable actions to achieve sustainable education and create a sustainable environment. Chairman Simon Chen stated, “Winning the ‘Asia Responsible Enterprise Award’ for five consecutive years is a milestone for ADATA’s sustainability effort. We will continue to pursue higher corporate sustainability goals and create corporate social value.”

Promoting sustainable education and strengthening diverse development

ADATA believes that people are the bridge between corporations and society. In response to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG4, SDG5, and SDG10*), ADATA uses interdisciplinary education as a core measure to cultivate future talent and achieve sustainable education for children. Since 2018, ADATA has held the “ADATA Global Parent-Child Art Contest” annually, promoting global online competitions to let children express their creativity. In Taiwan, ADATA has launched offline painting and photography activities to cultivate creative thinking in children. Through scientific cross-domain integration, children expand their cognitive abilities beyond a single subject, becoming a key ingredient for their creative development.

In addition, ADATA established the “Hummingbird Fund” in 2022 to sponsor sporting equipment for rural children around the world to implement its original vision of revitalizing sports, balancing urban and rural resources, and promoting social welfare. ADATA partners with public welfare groups around the world, including in China and the United States, to promote projects along the dual axes of “sports” and “art.” The company hopes to contribute to the development of healthy talent worldwide and has transformed the future of nearly 2,000 children so far.

Cultivating STEM talent and inspiring technological innovation

With the rapid development of AI around the world, the training of scientific and technological talent has become critical. ADATA Technology invests long-term in the cultivation of innovative scientific and technological talent and actively participates in various education programs. ADATA partnered with the Pacific American School to participate in the “2023 VEX Robotics Asia Open Signature Event” as a way to stimulate students’ interest in STEM fields, provide more learning opportunities and resources for teenagers, enhance creativity, cultivate youth leadership and teamwork, and create future talent in science and technology.

ADATA has also launched the “Women in Tech” project. President Shalley Chen participated in a forum to share the importance of women’s power in technology as it applied to the sustainable development of corporations and the advantages of thinking beyond established frameworks. In order to establish a firm foundation to cultivate diverse potential talent in the industry, ADATA partnered with Micron in response to SDG17** to strengthen cooperation in the fields of science, technology, and innovation, share practical technology implementation on high school campuses, encourage high school girls explore STEM careers, break barriers for women in science and technology, and inject diverse and forward-looking energy into the innovation, intelligence, and wellbeing of the world.

Creating a sustainable environment through sustainable actions around the globe

As extreme climate phenomena and extinction of species intensifies, ADATA believes that companies must exert more influence and invest in protecting the environment. ADATA strives to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG12~SDG15***) through its sustainable actions. Since 2023, ADATA has not only adopted beaches to protect marine ecology, but has also collaborated with Taiwan’s Keelung, Taipei, New Taipei, and Taoyuan to perform coastal cleanup, promote the recycling of marine waste, and driving the development of a circular economy. This year, ADATA launched a global reforestation plan. First, the company signed the “Taichung Coastal Wetland Conservation Belt” adoption plan with the Taichung Branch of the Forest and Nature Conservation Agency to build a strong bulwark for Taiwan’s coastline. ADATA also partnered with the world’s largest ESG organization, “One Tree Planted,” on ADATA’s 23rd anniversary to plant 5,000 trees on five continents around the world, including in the Amazon rainforest and areas in need of restoration of animal and plant species, and launched online “Green Actions” supporting forest restoration, conserving natural resources, and protecting biological diversity, engaging with more than 10,000 participants.

Moving towards net-zero emissions, carbon reduction, and green living

In order to move towards net-zero emissions by 2050, ADATA continues to introduce energy-saving and carbon-reducing solutions and was awarded a Bronze Award at the “2023 National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award,” Taiwan’s highest environmental award honor, demonstrating acclaimed recognition for ADATA’s deep commitment to environmental protection and its active promotion and implementation of internal environmental policies, energy conservation, and carbon reduction.

ADATA’s new Taipei headquarters has obtained multiple green building certifications, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmental protection. Solar power generation equipment has been installed in the production area of ​​the company’s factory in Suzhou, China and the proportion of renewable energy used is gradually expanding in an effort to build long-term climate resilience. ADATA has launched “Green Storage Concept Products” which use PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging, reducing carbon emissions by up to 48%. ADATA has also launched “Taiwan’s first commercial electric tricycle” to develop green logistics with “zero-emissions.”

This year, Chairman Simon Chen and President Shalley Chen selected 3 sustainable actions and invited all colleagues to jointly implement the “ADATA Sustainable Plan A for 21 days” to stimulate employee awareness and recognition of the company’s “Green Action Initiative,” implement a low-carbon green lifestyle, internalize “sustainability” as individuals and in organizations, and become the strongest driving force for the company’s sustainable development.

ADATA will continue to emphasize “Innovate Today, Embrace Tomorrow” as its sustainable business vision to promote social development and build a better sustainable future.

*SDD4-Quality Education; SDG5-Gender Equality; SDG10-Reduced Inequalities

**SDG17-Partnerships for the Goals

***SDG12-Responsible Consumption & Production; SDG13-Climate Action; SDG14-Life Below Water; SDG15-Life on Land;