Inphi Demonstrates Leadership in Server Memory Logic

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, October 5, 2004 – Extending its

technology leadership in precision timing and high speed
electronic components, Inphi® Corporation (www.inphi- today announced that it has delivered to customers
the industry’s first Register and Phase Lock Loop (PLL) for
Registered DIMMs (RDIMM) operating at 667 and 800 Mbps using
Double Data Rate2 (DDR2) technology. Both the The PLL and
register are part of the company’s ExacTik® Family of
precision timing devices.

The Inphi products, CU877, SSTUA32866 and the SSTUA32868
support existing standards of DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 as well
as new standards for server memory operating at DDR2667 and
DDR2-800. Utilizing its expertise in high-frequency and
analog chip design enabled Inphi to achieve this substantial
market lead in the development of next generation higher
data rate DDR2 logic for RDIMMs.

“This announcement exemplifies Inphi’s continued drive to
deliver cutting-edge solutions that speed development and
adoption of DDR2 applications,” commented Desi Rhoden,
chairman of the JEDEC Memory Committee and executive vice
president of Inphi Corporation. “By working closely with
JEDEC and our customers, we have again been able to set the
bar in terms of precision performance.”

The Inphi SSTUA32866 and SSTUA32868 1.8-V Configurable
Registered Buffer with Parity for DDR2 RDIMM applications
meets or exceeds all electrical specifications adopted by
JEDEC. In addition to increasing the application frequency
from 270 MHz to 410 MHz, the devices also make significant
improvements in AC switching characteristics. For example,
the specification for propagation delay was reduced from
2.35 nano-seconds for DDR2-533 to 1.8 nano-seconds.

Propagation delay is a critical parameter for servers since
the move to faster data rates shortens the clock period and
hence, the time memory devices have for reading and writing
data. The propagation delay through the register device
consumes the largest portion of this clock period.

The Inphi CUA877 PLL Clock Driver for registered DDR2 DIMM
applications meets or exceeds all of the electrical
specifications adopted by JEDEC. In addition to increasing
the application frequency from 270 MHz to 410 MHz, the
devices also make considerable improvements in terms of
lowering jitter, duty cycle distortion, dynamic phase
offsets and skew.

Price and Availability
The Inphi CUA877, SSTUA32866 and SSTUA32868 are all
currently shipping. The parts are priced beginning at $3.10
for quantities of 100,000 units.

The ExacTik Family
Inphi’s ExacTik family of CMOS timing devices for computing
applications is the most comprehensive and highest
performing in the industry. Every part meets or exceeds
JEDEC specifications and delivers accuracy required at low-
costs for next generation of DDR2 applications. The ExacTik
family includes timing devices for memory clocking, and
other server, workstation and notebook applications and are
characterized by the highest performance in terms of jitter,
slew rates, lock times and skew.