Leadtek Quadro 2000D enables confident medical analysis with high definition and density of 10/12bit grayscale

(Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung)

Taipei, Taiwan, April 19, 2011 – Leadtek Research Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics card solutions and the exclusive workstation partner of NVIDIA in the APAC market, announced a new addition to its Quadro® Fermi series: Quadro® 2000D – the industry’s most advanced diagnostic imaging graphics solution. It helps doctors review high-resolution, detailed patient imagery and make a confident diagnosis faster. Delivering best-in-class performance, two dual-link DVI connectors for display flexibility, Quadro 2000D supports for 10/12bit grayscale monitors up to 10Mpixels, and DICOM monitor calibration capabilities – the Quadro 2000D enables more confident medical analysis.


With Quadro 2000D’s additional DVI connectivity, doctors can review grayscale patient images with high information volume, which requires resolutions of up to 10M pixels and bandwidth of two dual-link DVI connectors per monitor. Detecting abnormalities revealed in patient imagery requires monitor and graphics capability to present extremely subtle grayscale differences only possible with 10 or 12 bits per pixel. With the Quadro 2000D you get 10 and 12 bit pixel packing support over DVI, qualified on industry leading grayscale monitors. In addition, since monitor tonal characteristics change over time and vary even between the same models, Quadro 2000D supports DICOM calibration via DVI maintaining gray-level consistency across monitors and over their lifetime.

Quadro 2000D professional graphics solution features Scalable Geometry Engine™ technology that dramatically improves geometry performance across a broad range of medical imaging, CAD and DCC applications, enabling professionals to work interactively with models and scenes that are an order of magnitude more complex than before. Quadro 2000D also features advanced capabilities, including 3D Vision Pro for the highest quality stereoscopic 3D environments, SLI® Multi-OS to drive multiple Windows or Linux environments from a single workstation and Mosaic Technology that enables any application to scale across up to eight displays.

The entire Quadro family takes leading professional applications to a new level of interactivity, leveraging the Fermi architecture to enable hardware-accelerated features, performance and quality not found in any other product. From the 6GB Quadro 6000 at the ultra-high-end to the small form factor Quadro 400 at the entry level, Leadtek delivers the productivity you need at every price point.